In this complicated period, the art world makes its contribution to support people in difficulty due to the Coronavirus emergency. Tvboy, pseudonym of Salvatore Benintende, internationally renowned street artist, has created a new mural to support children who live in the suburban neighborhoods of Palermo, Catanzaro, Naples, Milan, Rome and Genoa in conditions of hardship.

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Tvboy Instagram

In recent months many children have been denied a distance schooling because they do not have a PC, tablet or a simple connection. In many cases, the interruption of school attendance turns into abandonment. It means for these children the very real risk of being cut off from society – a society where technology, today more than ever, does not give discounts to those who are left behind.

TvBoy’s work in support of children in difficulty is called Sos and symbolically quotes Michelangelo‘s creation of Adam, where the Father reaches out to his Creature. A gesture of love and, today, of hope. The hope of being able to overcome social inequalities in the country.

Sos is not the first work with which the artist interprets the contemporary world in an emergency Covid. In February TvBoy posted photos of Hayez’s kiss at the time of Coronavirus on his Instagram profile without making it clear where exactly the installation was made. The sensational reinterpretation depicts lovers with a mask on their mouth and Amuchina on their hand.

Tvboy - bacio con  mascherina
Hayez’s kiss at the time of Coronavirus

The message expressed by the artist with Sos is clear: “Children are the life force of our society, let’s help them get up“. With the work Tv Boy he directly supports the activity of the Tree of Life Foundation which has been working in the degraded neighborhoods of large cities for years. To date, it has distributed 5000 meal vouchers, more than 700 devices and internet connections for about 2000 children. Now you can also support the activity of the Social Cooperative by purchasing the t-shirt customized with the SOS work on the Worth Wearing portal.

Ivano Abruzzi, director of the Tree of life, is grateful to the artist for the gift and commitment. “Fallen childhood to reach out to – he declares – is the precise image of the fragility of hundreds of thousands of children in our country, where poverty that has affected over one million and two hundred thousand children for years is almost always accompanied by social marginalization and great difficulties in the field of education. The worsening of indigence following the COVID-19 emergency was an immediate fact for many families already in absolute poverty which brought great suffering to the children, effectively excluding them from school, removing them from their dish the little food that families had, multiplying family tensions and subjecting them to new violence.”

An alarming picture that is not known to many. Initiatives like that of Tvboy are needed. Also and above all to bring to the eyes of most something that is consumed a stone’s throw from our homes, but in the shade. So let’s donate.

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