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Here are today’s data, March 31, encouraging results on the number of daily infections.

Daily infections

The number of daily infected people remains practically intact, from 4050 to 4053. But an important figure is the number of swabs, which today have been 29,609 compared to 19,829, 9,780 more than yesterday, with the same number of positive results.

Other important figures, in addition to daily infections

There is an increase in the number of positive cases. However, it was to be expected given that the historical minimum had been recorded yesterday. In fact, it went from 1,648 yesterday to 2,107, (+459). This figure is influenced by the drop in the healed people, also predictable after yesterday’s record. Today’s healed people have been 1109, while yesterday they were 1590, (-481). Another good news is that the daily percentage keeps changing and decreasing for five straight days. It has fallen from 4.1% to 4%, a minimal but still important drop.

We stay at home

We keep emphasizing the importance of staying at home, a fundamental measure to reduce infections! Let’s stay at home so that we can enjoy our beautiful Italy as soon as possible.

Number of victims

The death toll is still rising after the contagion boom of the past few weeks. From 812 yesterday to 837 today, (+25).

The number daily infections is stable. That’s fine! ultima modifica: 2020-03-31T20:30:00+02:00 da Emanuele Ferlaino