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Today, April 13, we have received comforting data from the Civil Protection.

The spread

The most encouraging news today is the sharp slowdown in the growth of the virus. Today the number of people tested positive is 3,153, while yesterday there were 4092 (939 more than today). A big drop that confirms the good trend observed in the last few days. The number of swabs made is 36,717, a lower number than in the last few days, but which in recent weeks would have been considered high.

Other important data

Another good news comes from the daily current positive, today they were 1,363, 621 less than yesterday. A slight drop in healed people has been recorded: 1,224 today, a figure that remains stable and that is very encouraging. The daily percentage changes still decreases, that is how the growth in percentage terms of the total cases varies day by day, from 2.69% yesterday to 2.02% today.

What about hospitals?

For the tenth day in a row, there has been a drop in the total number of ICU patients, 83 less than yesterday. However, even if slightly, the number of patients hospitalized with symptoms is growing, with 176 patients, on the total number, more than yesterday.

Let’s stay at home

These encouraging data must absolutely not lower the attention and respect for the rules imposed. These declines show that the measures taken are working, but we should not think that the problem is solved. Loosing our grip now would mean ruining the sacrifices made so far. Let’s stay home and keep it up!

Death tool

Unfortunately, today there is an increase in the number of deaths, with 566 patients suffering from Covid-19 who passed away.

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