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Today’s data shows good news about the increase in current positive cases and daily infections. But there is also less comforting news.

The spread

The number of daily infected people still falls: 3,153 new infections were registered yesterday, while today 2,972 (-181). However, we should take this result with a grain of salt, being based on a very low number of swabs compared to the last few weeks. Today, 26,779 swabs have been analyzed, and 11.1% tested positive.

Other important data

The most significant drop is recorded in the number of current positive cases. It is the lowest figure since the epidemic broke out. Today, in fact, 675 currently positive cases have been recorded. Good news also from the number of people healed: 1,695. The national epidemic curve of total contagions day by day also declined, recording + 1.8%, yesterday it was + 2.0% .

News from hospitals

The number of patients in intensive care unit decreases, with 74 fewer patients, the total number is 3,186. Patients with symptoms decreases, albeit slightly. The total is 28,011 patients, 12 fewer than yesterday.

Death tool

The worst data is always that of the deceased, a number still too high. Today 602 patiens suffering from Coronavirus passed away.

Today’s data April 14th ultima modifica: 2020-04-14T20:00:19+02:00 da Emanuele Ferlaino