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Today, April 7, encouraging data were recorded in Italy. The continuing slowdown of the spread of the virus, bodes well for the future.

New data on the spread of the virus

The first great news concerns precisely the number of daily infected people, further declined since yesterday. In fact, 3039 more were infected today, well 560 less than yesterday. This figure is based on 33,713 swabs.


Other important data

The number of daily positive cases is probably the news of the day. 880 new positive cases, 1.061 less than yesterday. In addition, it has been since March 10 that there have not been such a low number of current positive cases, really good news. Great growth also in healed people: 1555 today (+533) compared to yesterday. Another good news comes from the daily percentage changes, or how the growth of the total cases varies day by day, from 2.79% yesterday to 2.29% today, a continuous decrease that bodes well. The declining trend in ICU patients is confirmed, having freed 106 places since yesterday. Excellent news for hospitals that have been living hard times given the huge number of people who needed hospitalization.

Let’s keep it up!

None of these excellent data would have registered if certain measures had not been implemented. The importance of staying at home is absolutely primary and especially now that the data is improving, we cannot ease the tension and ruin weeks of sacrifices! So let’s stay home as much as possible and invite others to do the same.

Death tool

Unfortunately, there are still too many victims, 604 people passed away in the last 24 hours. Keep in mind that this figure is a consequence of the many infections of the past weeks. The ever-decreasing numbers that we have been seeing lately have made us hope for a big drop in the number of victims, in a few days.

Today’s data, April 7th: there is growing optimism ultima modifica: 2020-04-07T21:00:00+02:00 da Emanuele Ferlaino