Today’s data, April 30, are very comforting. We record positive records on several fronts. Let’s see:

The spread

The increas of daily infected people slows down compared to yesterday. Today 1,872 new positive cases have been recorded, out of a total of 205,463. These data are the result of 68,456 swabs, the highest number of tests analyzed in a day. The percentage of positive swabs is 2.7%, the lowest figure to date, a very important signal.

Other important data

Today the largest drop in the total number of positives cases has been recorded. There are 3,106 positive cases less than yesterday, a record since the start of the pandemic, out of a total of 101,551. The figure about the current positive cases is largely influenced by the large number of people healed observed today. 4,693 patients recovered in 24 hours, out of a total of 57,576, here too a record! The epidemic curve also goes down, from 1.04% to 0.92%.

From hospital

Hospital pressure keeps decreasing, thanks to a large decrease in ICU patients and inpatients with symptoms. There are 1,694 ICU patients, 101 ICU patients less than yesterday. The number of patients hospitalized with symptoms also decreased, 1061 fewer patients, out of a total of 18,149

Death tool

Finally, we also begin to see a drop in the number of deaths, a number that still remains high, but which is steadily decreasing. Today, death toll is 285.

Featured image “Daniel Sharp on Unsplash”

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