We will start again, with differences between region and region. We can start again. Italy tries to give a breath of relief to the economy with the reopening of bars, restaurants and hairdressers. Guidelines for safe restart are awaited. But in the meantime there is the green light from the government. One of the long awaited news from most Italians and especially from the many commercial operators. Even if we have to adapt to the new rules on social distancing to avoid contagion, we try to restart the economy of many sectors, which have been too long because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Let’s start again, therefore, with many fears, given the many difficulties these past few weeks.

Ricominciamo con la riapertura dei ristoranti - Let's start again with the reopening of the restaurants
Restaurants will open but with spacing rules

We start again with difficulty, but respecting the rules

The long-awaited guidelines may already arrive between Thursday and Friday. The opening date is May 18th. But in the meantime, the sector operators are already starting the activities to secure the premises, with sanitization operations and the measurement of spaces. The shops, bars and restaurants will then open. The final decisions, however, will be up to the Regions. The agreement came at the end of the videoconference between the governors of the regions and the government, with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, ministers Roberto Speranza and Francesco Boccia. Let’s start the password again but with confidence. There will be guidelines and general rules that are the same for all and territorial differentiations according to the trend of the contagion curve: in the event of a rise, the government will be able to intervene to arrange new closures.

Ricominciamo, da lunedì riaprono anche i parrucchieri - Let's start again, hairdressers reopen from Monday
Hairdressers can open but with precise rules

The rules to be respected to start again

The technical-scientific committee will define the fundamental rules to be respected. The guidelines concern catering, personal services. Pure rules to be able to open the licensed and free beaches safely. Space, however, for the autonomy of the Regions. They will have to present a program with the reopenings and act independently based on the curve. Attention is utmost: if the infections go back to the red areas and the lockdown. “The phase of responsibility for the Regions begins- underlined the Minister for Autonomies Francesco Boccia -. If the infections go down, they can reopen other things too, if the infections go up, they will have to shrink ”. “We start again with a responsible attitude” confirmed the president of the Conference of the regions and governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini.

Ricominciamo, riapriranno anche i negozi - The clothing and retail stores will reopen
The clothing and retail stores will reopen

Responsibility: the password to start again

Therefore, the rules must be respected by everyone. And collaboration between operators and customers is needed. Masks and gloves first, in the restaurants for the waiters, and then sanitization of the premises and tables at least 2 meters apart. There will be few places for the beaches, because few umbrellas will be used to respect the distances. Instead the guidelines and protocols for safety at work, transport and businesses have already been indicated in the previous decrees of the Council Presidency. Let’s start again, responsibly, respecting the rules with the hope that we can go back and the economy breathe.

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