It’s called “Do not throw them on the ground”, the communication campaign launched by the Metropolitan City of Milan to  raise awareness on its citizens to the correct disposal of personal protective equipment (masks and gloves to prevent the spread of Coronavirus).

Milano - una mascherina chirurgica

Numerous misbehaviours detected in recent weeks. A brainless dumping of non-biodegradable devices along the streets of the center and in green areas of the city. A serious health risk, as well as environmental damage to the city. The problem of disposal is serious for Milan (which has 1 million and 400 thousand inhabitants). The invitation of the Municipal administration is to properly eliminate masks and gloves into the mixed waste, in one’s own home. For correct disposal, it is highly recommended to use two bags, one inside the other.

The “Do not throw them on the ground” campaign was disseminated in the Lombard capital with paper and web material. It will involve supermarkets with particular attention so that not only customers, but also employees can properly dispose used masks and gloves.

Many cities will need to upgrade cycle paths for citizens to move safely. And Milan has already taken actions.

In these days on Facebook, the Councilor for Mobility Marco Granelli shared the “Open Roads” project which will be a reality by the beginning of summer. A plan that provides for the construction of cycle paths in signage only. The first to be completed will be the San Babila – Corso Venezia – Buenos Aires section, whose works were inaugurated on Wednesday, April 29. A new stretch will take Viale Legioni Romane – Via Berna – Via Zurigo. The connection between Isola – Monumentale – Cenisio and another from Amendola to Buonarroti is also foreseen. In Viale Zara, Testi, Certosa and Cermenate “zone 30″ will be created to make alternative circulation less risky.

Milano - una pista ciclabile

“Open roads” also provides for the expansion of pedestrian paths and the widening of sidewalks. Temporary pedestrianization widespread in the neighborhoods will increase the offer for children’s play and physical activity. Finally, the roadway areas where it is possible for bars and restaurants (now in tremendous difficulty) to place tables and seats will be expanded, remedying as much as possible the internal closings governed by the new spacing rules.

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