The information and awareness campaign promoted by the Sardinian municipality of Sennori in collaboration with the cultural association Inschibboleth is called #resistiamoinsiemeSennori. Its main objective is to invite the community to respect useful behaviors to avoid contagion.

A singular initiative because it sees the involvement of the centenarians of the small community that has 7150 inhabitants. Centenaries that, face mask, are posted on posters throughout the country. The look marked by wrinkles is so penetrating that it speaks for itself. Tatta Giovanna Ogana, 104 years old, Tatta Antonina Piga, 102 years old, and Tatta Giacomina Fois, 98 years old, deliver to the fellow citizens – but at the bottom of all Italy – a simple message, full of sense of humanity: Call it a mask, we call it Respect it’s love.

centenarie - tre signore anziane con la mascherina  - centenarians: three elderly women with a mask

Nothing could be truer: respecting simple rules – using a mask, washing your hands often with soap and water, respecting the safety distances of at least one meter, not touching your face with your hands – is now an act of love and respect. Towards the Other. And therefore towards us. With #resistiamoinsiemeSennori, the Councilor for Culture Elena Cornalis, one of the promoters of the initiative, first of all wanted to express the proximity of the Sennorese community to the weakest people, the elderly population. Subject more sensitive to Covid-19, the elderly are put to hard even when they try to escape. Because of the quarantine they find themselves living in solitude, with morale terrified by danger, by the fear of going out.

centenarie - particolare di occhio - centenarians - detail of an eye

The protagonists of this information campaign are also the mayor, Nicola Sassu, the parish priest, Monsignor Salvatore Masia, the directors of banking and postal services, and many simple citizens who for work reasons are more exposed to the risk of contagion. To enrich the initiative are added the installations of social Street art by the Siennese artists Ica Spanu and Antonio Salis who made their ingenuity and creativity available to the project.

centenarie - una mascherina   centenarians - a mask

In order for citizenship to comply with correct behavior, the Municipality also had a series of new spacers installed in 140 sensitive places – public offices, outside supermarkets and shops and near places of worship. On them, carefully indicated, the safety distance to be maintained to avoid risks, in full compliance with Ministerial instructions, and above all in respect of that elderly population, numerous in Sardinia and always long-lived pride of the island, which from the walls of Sennori invites us with very deep eyes to be kind. Wearing like them, and for them, a small act of love.

Featured image by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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