Horoscope 2020, interpreted with modern evolution, offers many novelties and new interpretations. So let’s throw the old year away, and dive into the stars!

oroscopo 2020 - zodiaco stilizzato

Horoscope 2020 for Aries

With Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn, the time has come to resolve any outstanding issues. 2020 is a year of great battles, but also of mythical reconciliations. Aries must eradicate certain fears, transforming them into strengths.

aries - aries drawing

This is a year that pushes us to start up on our own, or at least to be more protagonists of our work. In the second half of the year, Saturn returns, and Mars enters Aries and remains there until 2021. In that half year, Aries will push on the accelerator! Someone got married and had a baby, but now there is also a need for lightness. Beware of secret romances, as they are straw fires.

Horoscope 2020 for Taurus

For you the magic word is “revolution“, since Uranus, the Prometheus of the Zodiac which represents the acquired freedom, is making its way in your sky. The strength of Uranus has been shaking Taurus a couple of years already, and from 2020 with Jupiter and Saturn in favor, the first positive changes are arriving. At work you will have new experiences. You will perceive the desire to have new spaces and more autonomy.

taurs - astrological sign

The new year pushes you to clean up and free yourself from old junk. However, someone could postpone a choice and keep two jobs, roles or activities. Yet in this 2020 there will be many “revolutions” for you, showing a way out of a funnel you’ve been in for years. This is not a time for shared emotions, and some secrete romance could be shaken.


The first desire of those born of the sign is “to come out of the stalemate” and it will be the year in which many gemini’s wishes will be fulfilled. In recent years, several oppositions have created a few blocks. However, there will be Saturn in favor from March to July 2020. In the new year the right set-up will be found and some will change many contacts and collaborations.

gemini in the zodiac

Thanks to new members, profitable projects can be built. Someone will be able to cement a relationship even with the purchase of a house. It will be decided where to put down roots, in what place and with whom. With Venus in the sign for four months, even for singles there will be news. 2020 can be a real restart for those with a heart eager for love. Best wishes!


For Cancer, the horoscope 2020 is one of reconciliation and resolution for many situations that in previous years have given rise to arduous conflicts. The game is played especially in interpersonal relationships, solving frictions born even twelve years ago. Cancer this year is a more determined, starting from the work in which it will materialize a lot.

Horoscope: cancer among astrological sign

For the new year, the love of Cancer seeks definition, consolidation, consecration of a relationship with a coexistence or with a marriage. The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn will certainly strengthen love, and consolidate “strong” relationships to grow by taking that extra step. You no longer look at love lightly, but your emotional and safe completion.

Leo horoscope 2020

Saturn peeps out in opposition, where he will be stationed in 2021. After a long Lent that started way back in 2006, it becomes urgent to be absolutely gratified in work, and also in interpersonal relationships. The important thing, however, is that the desire to do remains focused on reality.

Horoscope 2020: leo

Leo must not get involved in impossible feats, only to prove that he is worthy. Getting back to the center of the stage means making targeted choices, without letting go. The whims of Uranus, on the other hand, will be useful to identify new ways. Around March 24 there could be a moment of inner turmoil, to rattle off an idea of change. Love reaches a focal point, in fact, only strong couples will resist.


Determination, clarity, great judgment, combined with a serene tenacity, will be the cornerstone. Virgo will be as calm and wise as Venus, but not less perky. In 2020 the sky becomes much more generous, stable and therefore prolific.

horoscope 2020: virgo as astrological sign

Someone will be able to start a new job that will mesh very well. In this regard, some will change partners, just to relaunch business. Even in love the past years have been a little turbulent, in fact, there are couples who have suffered bad shakes. Even in these terms, 2020 brings some peace and finally agreement. Indeed the new year brings a cornucopia of economic security, stability and newfound happiness that you will have to consolidate.


For Libra 2020 represents the compendium of all the teachings of previous years. It is a period of consecration, after years of physical and emotional effort. Libra will have a key in hand to open new realities, entering a new working and emotional life. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the Fourth house, we work a lot from the bottom.

libra in the zodiac

In the compendium enter home, family, economic security, and stability of a job with an important relationship. Libra will gain confidence in its capabilities and will grow tremendously. This means that if you dream of a change of course in the job, you will have to be fully prepared. Libra is for keeping relationships, but 2020 is the year to decide which side to take.


2020 with Jupiter and Saturn in favor in the Third house, harbinger of new contacts, allows an important job renewal. Already from the beginning of the year you can dare more. Jupiter and Saturn meet in Capricorn, where since 2008 Pluto, which governs Scorpio, transits.

scorpio: a drawing of the astrological sign

Someone will be able to give life to a new project, and travel catching the wind. The fresh air that leads to the Third house will bring out the talents and peculiarities that have been hidden for a long time. Saturn will return permanently from 2021, so the professional choices will have absolute firmness and solidity. In love Scorpio tries to take root, or it has to get back in the race for new loves. Happy 2020 horoscope!


For Sagittarius there is a balance to be restored, by developing an attack plan. Jupiter and Saturn, after cultivating the younger Sagittarius side by making it grow, will consolidate it. Keep in mind that this support will continue for at least two years. The great climb will culminate in 2021 with an important revenge that will become an authentic soaring climb.

sagittarius horoscope

In the past two years there have been ups and downs in the job, and someone may have changed cities, but it has been constructive. In 2020, it will begin to find stability in the new realities that you will soon see well defined. This new year could close a lawsuit or a dispute. In love, many fixed points are no longer there, and some planets were opposite. Now you can start running again.

Horoscope 2020 for Capricorn

With Uranus finally in favor, certain unexpected events come as a warning to highlight new perspectives. As early as 2018, Capricorn may have received interesting job offers, which have created interesting new roles. This aspect of your zodiac will be even clearer in the new year, giving much more precise indications.

horoscop capricorn 2020

The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the First house suggests that the most important conquests will concern the idea that others have of you. With Saturn in the Second home, in the first half of the year there is also a lot of talk about money and profitable negotiations. With regard to love, this year may be the right one so that couples can take a decisive step, perhaps towards the altar. Happy horoscope 2020!


Your horoscope takes you flying towards a 2021 in which Jupiter and Saturn together will exalt you. This means that we are at the dawn of an important new beginning. In 2020, aquarius restarts with spirit, rediscovering desires, and fully commanding choices and values. There is great potential in your sky, so many will dismantle aspects of life, to make room for new realities, including work and creative ones.

horoscope for aquarius

The first half of the year is more experimental, with Venus lingering long in the house of creativity. In the second half of the year, however, Mars forms a long favorable stop. Even in love we talk about revisions, especially for those who want more definition. Aquarius doesn’t want to break ties, however keep in mind that in 2020 there are many opportunities to find love.


2020 is a year of consecration for pisces, and continues with conquests, confirmations and stability. Jupiter leaves the square, and stands in favor in the eleventh house near Saturn. You can stand out, with opportunities for success, and don’t be afraid to dare. Consecration starts already from work, with a year in which the fruits of concrete growth will be savored.

pisces - astrological sign

In this 2020 pisces will become quite ambitious, and not being satisfied, they will demand what is really theirs. Do not forget, however, that when you are at the top you are envied, and you will have to defend yourself, sometimes abandoning your proverbial goodness and generosity. In love in 2020, many will get what they ask for, be bold, so best wishes with the 2020 horoscope!

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