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These are really hard days all over the world, and perhaps especially in Italy. We are living in a surreal climate, which between prevention, fear, common sense, and even government decrees, has led to a solution: stay indoors! So, let’s give you some ideas on 5 things to do in quarantine:

Be in family

For many people it is a unique opportunity to stay at home with their family and spend some time together despite the necessary worries. Make like it’s Christmas, forgetting what’s out there. Play cards, watch a movie, play a board game, and give diets a few exceptions!

5 things to do in quarantine - man and woman cooking

The best of the 5 thing to do: let’s cook

There are so many recipes in the world to learn, but is usually really difficult to find the time. So what better occasion than this? Let’s go in the kitchen, drag even those who do not want to know about the stove and try some dishes of the amazing Italian cuisine, we can advise you in our column! From appetizers to desserts, passing through first courses, second courses, side dishes and more.

5 cose che si possono fare in quarantena - spaghetti con le vongole

Do those jobs suspended for years

Let’s face it, each of us has some small “problems” in the house to fix, including creaking cabinets, drawers that don’t open as they should, broken baseboards and much more. It seems that this quarantine is made to fix these things, after months, perhaps years of apologies.

5 cose da fare in quarantena - mani che prendono le misure con un righello per tagliare un pezzo di legno

Learn something new

We are now bombarded with new information, including books, the internet, documentaries and much more. So why not try to learn new things? Maybe you will discover new passions and new interests. Read about historical events, economics, about medicine… in short, document yourself and get out of this quarantine better than before!

libri su una scrivania

5 things to do in quarantine: stay on!

In these days we will keep you company even more than usual, with many more articles, updates, games, surveys and above all with a splendid community that brings back a smile between comments and messages!

5 things to do in quarantine - screen games of the site of

Learn new things about Italy by looking at our site, you can browse by region or by category of what interests you, in short, there are more than 2000 articles waiting for you, and you have plenty of time to read them!

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