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Today, March 26, unfortunately a sharp increase in the number of people infected has been recorded. But not all the data is negative.

A sharp increase of infections

The figure that sticks out is the increase in the number of infected people, which unfortunately goes from 5210 on March 25, to 6153 today, therefore an increase of 943 units. Currently positive cases to Coronavirus are more than yesterday, after four days of decrease. They have risen from 3491 to 4492 (+1001). These figures are mainly due to a surge in Milan. There are many hypotheses about the increase: it could be an accumulation of tests made in recent days, whose results arrived today. In fact, today 36,615 swaps have been taken, that is 9,134 more than yesterday. The number of healed people also decreased, but slightly: today they are 999, only 37 less than yesterday, however a satisfactory number.

a sharp increase

Other significant data

The number of people healed also decreased, albeit slightly, with 999 people healed, only 37 less than yesterday, actually, not entirely negative. The curve of the percentage of infections has risen, from 7.5% yesterday to 8.3% today, a fairly low increase. It must be said that today’s data, even if negative, may be part of a physiological increase. The important thing is that today is an isolated case and already from tomorrow further drops can be recorded.

We stay at home

We continue to stay at home, it is the most important thing that we “ordinary people” can do. You have to be patient and continue to follow the guidelines of the institutions.

A sharp increase in infections and deaths

UPDATE: The number of victims previously communicated did not take into account Piedmont data. So the number of victims rises from 683 to 712, (+29) compared to yesterday.

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