The night before the exams has just passed. Thousands of students will face their graduation exam today. This year for the first time in a different way, due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19. The first to suffer from the discomforts of these months were the students who had to face distance learning, and few relations. And above all without being able to savor many of those emotions that prepare for this important moment in the life of each student. But now the awaited day has arrived. Graduation exam begins. No written tests but only one hour-long oral exam. And so for a few days schools have equipped themselves: the key word is to respect social distancing and avoid contagion.

Graduation exam begins, here is how it will be

Graduation examn begins today for about 500 thousand students in the last year of high school. On Monday, 12,900 commissions and commissioners took office in all cities, six teachers for each of the classes that will take the exam. Internal professors, except the president. All with the necessary documents in hand, self-certifications on the state of health, and masks. Classrooms have been adapted to respect social distancing. For example, some schools have decided to equip the external areas of school buildings for exams.

Maturità, migliaia di studenti pronti per l'esame - Maturity, thousands of students ready for the exam
In Covid’s time the use of masks was required among students

Among the first acts adopted by the commissions there’s the draw of the class and the letter of surnames, to establish who will first take the final exam. And then calendars of the talks will be drawn up. Each student can arrive at school fifteen minutes before the interviews and can be accompanied by one person only. The number of candidates who take the interview, for each day, cannot exceed five.

How schools are equipped

In addition to the teachers and students who will have to comply with the anti Covid rules, the indications on safety protocols for schools, teachers and students have been clear. Daily cleaning of the spaces used; cleaning at the end of each exam session (morning-afternoon). And then dedicated entry and exit routes; 2 meters distance between candidates and commissioners and between the teachers themselves. Use of the mask. Students can take it off during the interview, always remaining at a safe distance. In schools there will be sanitizing products.

Le aule attrezzate per la Maturità - The classrooms equipped for high school
Cassrooms must be organized with space between desks

Graduation exam with an oral exam only

The big news this year was undoubtedly the absence of written tests. Which for many students are often the most feared stumbling block in high school. In fact, by June 13th, students have submitted their work on each subject through email. And this text will be the basis for the interview. After the discussion on the paper, a short text will be analyzed for Italian language and literature. And again the analysis of the material chosen by the commission, the presentation of the experience of work placement carried out during the course of study. Finally, space for the assessment of knowledge and skills on “Citizenship and Constitution”.

Dopo la didattica a distanza gli studenti pronti per la maturità - After distance teaching students ready for maturity
Distance teaching has characterized the schools of these months

So students go back to school these days. All students, even those with insufficiencies, have been admitted to the graduation exam. It will be a great general test to understand how to face the return to school for the next year. And if these exams go down in history, like all this 2020, the experience of Graduation is undoubtedly the most significant moment for the life of young people. And it will still be remembered as an unforgettable day, which will remain in everyone’s memory.

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