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After the closure due to the lockdown, which lasted 84 days, the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the world, reopens surprisingly with news and upcoming events. This was announced by the director of the Alfonsina Russo Archaeological Park who hopes that this new beginning will mark a season of hope, peace and rebirth – more necessary than ever today for Italian tourism and art.

What was announced to journalists is an experimental phase. It will last for the whole month of June. Subsequently, it will be considered whether to extend the hours of visits and services. “We reopen the Colosseum which had fallen into a surreal silence – says the director Alfonsina Russo – and which had lost its relationship with the general public, also because the monument collected over 7 and a half million visitors last year. Today we hope to have a renewed public, we expect many Romans and above all a proximity public in view of the reopening of the regional borders. Waiting for the epidemic curve to allow us to welcome international tourism which represents 70% of visitors.”

particolare del colosseo - detail of the colosseum
Photo by L A L A on Unsplash

A new start

For the new beginning, the archaeological site of the amphitheater adopts strict safety measures to protect the health of the community. At the entrance, intelligent disinfectant gel dispensers and thermoscanners have been arranged to measure the temperature of passing tourists. They will also reveal whether the visitor is wearing the mask or not. Even the elevators will be constantly sanitized.

Access times will change. The archaeological site of the Colosseum can be visited only in the time slot 10.30 – 19.15. Online booking and ticket purchase is mandatory. The visits are guaranteed to individuals and groups of up to 14 people and it will be possible to enter every 15 minutes and with the accompaniment of a guide. The idea of organizing themed evening visits with a predefined schedule of cultural and musical events is also being considered.

interno del Colosseo - interior of the colosseum
Photo by Henry Paul on Unsplash

Another new feature is the activation of a special ticket: it is called ART, an acronym for Afternoon Reduced Ticket, it costs 9.50 euros and will be usable every day of the week from 14.00 to 19.15 and will guarantee access to the Colosseum upon booking of the timetable. . As a bonus, a visit to the archaeological area of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (without time reservation) is provided. Of course, it includes a visit to the exhibitions and events taking place periodically in the area.

To promote the concept of conscious visit, an online app has been associated with the ticket which allows you to mark the route map and which will enrich each stage with the appropriate information. There are two paths through the amphitheater, The Colosseum is told and The Colosseum Arena, and have been integrated with graffiti that tell the story of the amphitheater in the period of abandonment, from the Middle Ages to around 1600. The paths of the Roman Forum instead are four: The square of the Roman Forum, Visits to the Basilicas Emilia and Giulia, Walking on the Via Sacra, Visit to the Palatine, At the origins of Rome.

Featured image by Michele Bitetto on Unsplash

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