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Summer 2014, the football world cup is taking place in Brazil, but one evening on the famous Copacabana beach, the match takes place. To tell the anecdote is the ex player Lele Adani, today sports commentator, during his direct Instragram with Bobo Vieri, also a former player.

The match on Copacabana beach

In that summer of 2014, many football VIPs followed the world cup as correspondents and commentators of international newspapers. Among the many also Alex Del Piero, Lele Adani and Billy Costacurta, two great champions loved by the public. And then there are also Enrico Cattaneo and Riccardo Trevisani, the famous commentators of many sports commentaries.

spiaggia di Copacabana - Copacabana beach
Copacabana beach in Brazil

At some point Del Piero manifests to everyone the desire to play, to want to play a game right there, on the beach. The proposal is accepted by all and the challenge is launched to a group of people who are on the beach. They are people who, judging by their body, don’t seem very used to playing sports. They are Argentines who came to cheer for their national team that plays at the world cup.


The challenger team of improvised players does not raise any concern for the group of champions and sports commentators. Everyone feels in an iron barrel, sure to defeat the opponent even with closed eyes and with tied legs. We start a little joking and laughing. Photos are taken with the VIPs and with the wonderful background of Copacabana, one of the most famous beaches in the world.

giocatori a copacabana - players
The two teams improvised before playing the game on the beach – Instagram photo Lele Adani

After the pleasantries, the game begins on a warm evening on the fine sand of Copacabana. The champions take the lead with two goals and the games seem done by now. The second shot on goal belongs to Del Piero who is finally recognized by the improvised Argentinian footballers. There is also a journalist in the team of ‘footballers by chance’ who also recognizes Costacurta in the VIP group.

The victory of the Argentines, players by chance

The challenger team then realizes that it is playing with super champions and then changes tactics. The Argentines play badly but they push their opponents, they score the first goal and then the second. Draw! Then the champions try to redeem themselves and you get to the “who scores”.

adani e del piero a copacabana - adani and del piero in copacabana
Adani and Del Piero with some players of the two teams – Instagram photo Adani

The challengers are not told twice: one of them, among other things also quite ‘stocky’, steals the ball from Del Piero and scores the third goal. The players by chance beat the champions 3-2; the VIPs return to the hotel without exchanging a word. The ‘event match’ of the 2014 World Cup had just taken place on Copacabana beach that evening.

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