We’ve all heard of Amazon, the most talked-about American e-commerce giant ever.

The history of Amazon

Like any American success story, it all started in a garage. In 1994, the 30-year-old Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. The company was born as an online bookstore, with the idea of selling books from all over the world thanks to the internet. A few years later, thanks also to the explosion of the internet, Amazon begins to become a real world power. Arriving also in Europe. From there begins the sale of CDs, films, electronic devices, games and much more. Already in those years Amazon’s strength could be observed thanks to the growth in value, which brought the company close to Apple on the stock market.

Amazon Italy

Amazon, which has now become a true giant, could not stop at the American borders, and thus began their expansion plan. Plan which obviously included Italy too, with the landing of Amazon.it in November 2010. As foreseeable, in Italy too Amazon had a great success, being one of the first e-commerce to deliver across the peninsula in record time. The large amount of orders received has also made it possible to open a sorting center directly in Italy, near the city of Piacenza.


It’s hard, indeed, almost impossible to find a company of this level that is continuously in the press also for the procedures or choices that raise many controversies. In the past, the biggest accusations against Amazon related to the conditions of the employees in the warehouses. Long hours, where workers literally had to run into the warehouse to meet the target imposed by the company. From there the first controversy about the alleged exploitation of workers by Amazon.

More recently, however, the American giant has been repeatedly attacked by the most influential political forces in the United States. Starting right from Donald Trump, who has always had disagreements, even personal, with Jeff Bezos. Even Bernie Sanders, Trump’s opponent until a few months ago attacked Amazon, with a focus on employee treatment. In short, quite a few important “enemies”, but which at the moment seem to have little impact on Amazon’s performance.

One trillion Euro?!

Jeff Bezos, in fact, despite controversy and attacks, is the richest man in the world! But a data that really impresses is that provided by Comparisun, which by analyzing various factors, has created an estimate acording to which Jeff Bezos could be the first trillionnaire in the world in just 6 years! You got it right, one billion Euros (do not be fooled by the translation, one billion in Italian = trillion in English), or 1,000 billion or 1,000,000 million Euros. An incredible figure, which is making many debates. But, controversy (yet?) aside, this data shows how truly powerful Amazon and the concept of e-commerce are.

E-commerce is the future

What is safe now is that Amazon has paved the way for the future, and many are following it. Both companies that are concentrating more and more on developing their e-commerce and customers who are getting used to buying everything and more from the comfort of their sofa and at affordable prices. In short, it seems that e-commerce is the future, and Amazon certainly has a nice advantage over everyone!

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