Live a unique experience, even a little spiritual, to discover the naturalistic landscapes that we have in our peninsula. How? Crossing Italy and the major existing parks, to promote the culture of the environment and biodiversity. The agreement signed in recent weeks between the Ministry of the Environment and the Italian Alpine Club has a very specific purpose. In fact, a “Path of the Parks” will be born in our peninsula, a sort of Way of Saint James that will allow those who want to undertake it to discover the natural wonders of Italy.

Un cammino tra i sentieri italiani - A path through the Italian paths italian way of saint james
In Italy there will be the path through the twenty five national parks

A path through 25 Italian parks

The agreement is aimed at spreading the culture of the environment, biodiversity and sustainable development. But also to enhance and relaunch the paths in protected areas, promoting the conscious attendance of the territories. The birth of the “Path of the Parks” was launched on the occasion of the European Parks Day, on May 24th.

Agreement between ministry and CAI for the journey

The Italian route between parks and reserves therefore falls within a protocol signed between the Ministry of the Environment and the Italian Alpine Club. And there will also be a symbolic passport for those who travel it: an instrument where the stages reached will be indicated and those who have completed the entire itinerary through the peninsula will be rewarded. A sustainable tourism that will also serve to enhance Italianness, through the discovery of local culture and economies. The route takes its cue from the Italia del Cai path, which through 7000 kilometers connects all our regions from the Alpine arc along the ridge of the Apennines. We will try to connect all 25 Italian parks existing between woods and mountains. From Santa Teresa Gallura, in northern Sardinia, to Muggia, in the province of Trieste.

L'intesa tra ministero e Cai per un cammino italiano - The agreement between ministry and CAI for an Italian journey
The Italian map that illustrates the parks

“A hiking itinerary that will touch all 25 national parks in our country, which will have as its backbone the current CAI Italy Path – explains the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa -. National parks are a treasure trove of nature: we must guarantee their conservation, but also their usability. The attention paid with the budget law – as much as 35 million euros in the 2020-2033 period – for the maintenance and enhancement of trail networks in protected areas together with this agreement with the CAI are important signs of how much we care about our invaluable heritage of biodiversity and its enhancement in terms of sustainable tourism, especially in this post-Covid recovery period in which we all feel the need to stay outdoors”.

Un cammino da percorrere a piedi - A path to be traveled on foot
Be prepared for long routes, the itinerary will be fascinating

A unique opportunity

“One more occasion – declares the general president of the Club Vincenzo Torti – to offer an experience of nature in a guided way through the paths that the Cai describes and maintains. And consequently to further promote our country”.

Way of Saint James

The Path of the Parks has been called the Italian Way of Saint James. The original one in Spain is one of the most famous and perhaps the oldest paths. Eight hundred kilometers to travel in spirituality, in solitude or in company to the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela where the tomb of the Apostle James the Greater is located. Each pilgrim who intends to make the journey is assigned a card with the pilgrim’s credentials. The stages made and the route are marked on it. It is a sort of fundamental document during the journey and for hospitality. Even the park path will have this sort of passport. A tool designed to help those who will start the itinerary.

Un cammino tra montagne e viali A path between mountains and avenues
You will appreciate the Italian natural beauty

Ready to leave for the Italian route

Armed with a backpack, with useful equipment to walk winding paths, nature lovers can therefore prepare to live an extraordinary experience. But all travelers and anyone who wants to discover the Italian wonders of the environment will also be able to do so. Without going very far, but diving into the Italian mountains and parks.

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