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Schools in companies, to start again. What we are experiencing in many ways can be called a post-virus settling period. For families where both parents work, it is not easy to look after their children, least of all at a time like this when schools are closed and where it is more complicated and risky to rely on grandparents.

Scuole in azienda - una maestra con gli alunni - schools in companies: a teacher with her pupils

It will not be easy to set up the summer camps, not to mention the swimming pools, where apparently only a few children can enter at a time.

Schools in companies

Several companies and entrepreneurial activities are therefore gearing up to set up areas that are suitable for small children. One of these is the Euronewpack of Thiene, in the Vicenza area, which operates in the packaging sector. Converting an office into a computer room for kids to follow their school video lessons proved to be an efficient and very useful expedient for its employees.

Scuole in azienda - due bimbi intenti allo studio - schools in companies: two children studying

Parents can keep an eye on their children and work with less anxiety. Otherwise, many of the collaborators would have had to ask for holidays, expectations. And many mothers would have been asked to choose between family and work. The Euronewpack initiative includes a welfare project to support working mothers: offering a private baby sitting service for free. All employees’ children will benefit.

Schools in companies and welfare for working mothers

The Euronewpack initiative was followed in the Tekapp company in Formigine, in the province of Modena. The parents were able to take their children with them to work where a sort of parallel, strange, but functional school has gradually been created. Children study but can also play. In addition, in a large dedicated room they can all practice English together – a few meters from mom and dad busy at work.

Scuole in azienda - bambino con matita rossa - schools in comapnies: baby with a red pencil

The thing started gradually and at the beginning it was the employees who supervised the children, then – explained Amedeo Faino, employee of the company – a professional educator was involved. In short, the Italian art of getting along, combined with the ability to network.

Jane Mary Amadio

Jane Mary Amadio, Benetton group’s head of online retail, in the Treviso area, wanted to do more. He asked for holidays in order to be able to personally and freely follow the children of working mothers, even online where necessary. He felt that at a time like this it was a moral duty to make yourself useful.

Jane is 55 and has no children of her own, and after all her job is to find functional solutions. Having entrepreneurial skills means knowing how to apply them at 360 degrees. The children still don’t know how they will go back to school. These days are a little suspended. The uncertainty will continue. So we need to think and need to do it together, invent for the community: in short, a social laboratory in the making, for the common good.

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