Due to the Coronavirus emergency, Italian schools will be closed until April 3, therefore many children will remain at home. The latest provision of the national executive a few days ago also ordered the closure of gyms and similar meeting places. Forced setback also for all sporting events of all kinds. An anomalous situation for millions of families now accustomed to living a hectic life with pressing rhythms seven days a week.

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School, various activities such as dance, music, sports and anything else filled the day for most Italian children. Today, however, families find themselves living a new life, all together within the home walls to rediscover long-forgotten behaviors and habits.

Children and Coronavirus: the Save the children vademecum

Save the Children, the international organization which for over 100 years has been fighting to save children at risk and guarantee them a future, has developed a vademecum. Suggestions addressed to parents with the main aim of recreating a certain serenity in family contexts.

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The purpose is precisely to restore a new routine that brings order to the great mental and psychological confusion of these days. In practice, reassuring advice against anxiety and the upheaval of daily life.

Children and parents: #istayathome

According to the international organization, it is advisable to respect the main schedules and habits in order not to completely upset already established rhythms. Another important factor is to contrast sedentariness and sociality reduced to a minimum with physical activity to be carried out at home. Keeping fit is also possible with the restrictive measures imposed by the emergency. In fact, you can take nice walks in the parks or by the sea (for those lucky enough to live in coastal locations). The important thing is to keep a safe distance from other people. Save the children also recommends checking the nutrition of the little ones by limiting as much as possible the consumption of low-calorie snacks, carbonated drinks and so on. Perhaps this is also the time to rediscover the good local cuisine with making sweet and savory delicacies, strictly homemade.

Coronavirus: explanatory videos and comics for the little ones

Coronavirus explained to children”, a simple cartoon video with easy language designed specifically for children has been released these days. But also “Coronavirus: a comic and 7 rules to explain it to children”. The Italian Federation of Pediatricians has created a short video with 7 rules to protect children and adults.

And then there is also “Coronavirus: how to wash your hands”. In fact, washing your hands is one of the main rules to observe in this emergency period. In this regard, a video tutorial was also created addressed to children. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Ministry of Education is answering the most frequently asked questions on school directives which are continuously updated. It is also essential to comply with the directives of the Ministry of Health, the authoritative and main source to follow. Without forgetting the local information provided by healthcare companies and hospitals. Among these, the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital provides a short but rich digital page with lots of information to “protect children and adults from Coronavirus”.

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