There was the wonderful inauguration of the very modern Cosenza Planetarium which, from a technological point of view, will be the most innovative in Italy. The important work will be active at full capacity from next June. The activity will be preceded by an intense cycle of scientific conferences and lectio magistralis, designed specifically to hold the Planetarium at its baptism.

planetary cosenza seen from above

In the name of an ancient astronomer and a modern astrophysicist

The Planetarium will be named after the Renaissance Cosentino astronomer Giovan Battista Amico. The square in front will instead be named after the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. The inauguration of what represents a futuristic, architectural and content project conceived in 2002, will be accompanied by a show of lights, music, theater and colors. A “stellar” performance for a project costing almost 8 million euros. A work that is part of the broader idea of regeneration of urban spaces to restore the beauty of places to the local community. World-famous astrophysicist Sandra Savaglio will attend the opening ceremony.

planetary cosenza - the project of the work

First by technology, second by size

Il nuovo Planetario cosentino è il primo in Italia per innovazione tecnologica ed è il secondo per dimensione, dopo quello milanese. È un’opera di architettura contemporanea che accoglie nel suo contesto il ‘Parco delle scienze’ con una annessa sala di proiezione che completa il progetto. La multimedialità offre al visitatore un’esperienza completa che arricchisce l’osservazione della volta celeste che avviene nella sala interna, cuore dell’opera. Nel Parco, che occupa il volume esterno alla cupola, dominano tre satelliti nei quali entrare per un’esperienza di conoscenza immersiva ed interattiva. Il Planetario di Cosenza sarà dotato di un avanzato sistema di proiezione, in alta definizione, che permette di svolgere nuove e straordinarie esperienze nel campo della didattica e della comunicazione astronomica.

The new Cosentino planetarium is the first in Italy for technological innovation and is the second in size, after the Milanese one. It is a work of contemporary architecture that welcomes the ‘Parco delle scienze’ in its context with an annexed screening room that completes the project. Multimedia offers the visitor a complete experience that enriches the observation of the heavenly vault that takes place in the inner room, the heart of the work. In the Park, which occupies the external volume of the dome, three satellites dominate in which to enter for an immersive and interactive knowledge experience. The Cosenza Planetarium will be equipped with an advanced projection system, in high definition, which allows you to carry out new and extraordinary experiences in the field of teaching and astronomical communication.

cosenza - panorama of the surrounding area

And lucean the stars

Study the stars and their movements. Know the history of the constellations, observe the celestial coordinates. Learn to recognize the planets and the shifts of the sun and the moon. Identify the most fascinating celestial bodies of the deep sky: nebulae and galaxies. These are just some of the activities that can be carried out at the Planetarium near another futuristic work: the Calatrava bridge. Sitting on comfortable armchairs, 114 “star observers” can set off on a journey around the earth and to distant planets. Under a 15-meter diameter domed screen, an incredible combination of ultra-high-definition images and stereo sound will transport visitors to the heart of cosmic events. Only in a few planetariums around the world you can watch the projection of moving images in full dome: with this technology viewers find themselves immersed in three-dimensional animation.

planetary cosenza - the inner dome

The invitation for all Calabrians

“I invite the Cosentini, the Calabrians and all visitors to participate in this important event that returns another piece of the city to life and social enjoyment”. This is the invitation of the Mayor of Cosenza Mario Occhiuto for the inauguration of the Planetarium. “It will be a great collective celebration – underlines the first citizen bruzio – in which as always we favor the involvement of the whole community, to which we dedicate a show that we would like to remain in the memory of the territory.

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