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Covid-19 vaccine starting from central Italy. Made by a company from Pomezia, which is working hard in collaboration with the University of Oxford, the vaccine is no longer a mirage.

Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine to combat Coronavirus will be tested on five hundred and fifty volunteers by the end of April. It will be therefore a company in the province of Rome to carry out the vaccine to stem the great contagion. Advent-Irbm, together with the Oxford University’s Jenner Institute, has accelerated research work. This will be possible thanks to the data acquired in the last weeks of continuous work. The first “batch” of the vaccine will therefore leave from Pomezia for England with great expectations.

coronavirus e laboratorio - vaccine

Tests on healthy volunteers will be implemented. The CEO of the IRBM, Piero Di Lorenzo, declared that we are about to take a big step forward. The negotiation that will give a rather substantial loan with a group of international investors has entered the final phase and many governments are collaborating to speed up project development. Of course, this consortium aims to encourage fast industrial production of the vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccine and Advent-Irbm from Pomezia

Humans trials are possible in such a short time thanks to the non-toxicity tests and the effectiveness of the product in the laboratory. Research labs around the world are engaged in the study, which finally breaks down the coronavirus emergency. Therefore, if the Italian-British project is successful, it is expected to make the vaccine usable as early as September for health professionals and law enforcement.

Vaccino Anti-covid - preparazione di un vaccino - vaccine

There are many forces in the field against the epidemic. One of the hopes against coronavirus is also a vaccine that is administered through a patch; this drug is being tested in Pittsburgh. This project also has a strong Italian component, in fact, it is led by the Italian researcher Andrea Gambotto. In this regard, the results of the test on animals that have already been in place for weeks are quite encouraging.

Andrea Gambotto

Tests are very positive, as they have proved to be similar to the results in other tests on different coronaviruses. According to dr. Gambotto, in this fight against Covid-19 the positive immune response to the vaccine is not negligible. This makes the team prone to optimism. According to the Italian scientific researcher, who lives and works in the United States, we are making great progress quickly. At a time when the emergency falls, before moving on to human trials, we will have to consider numerous other confirmatory tests. Since infections in the world are high and can still grow, we will certainly have to speed up the tests. There are several vaccines that are being worked on. All researchers try to induce immunity against Spike protein. This thanks to the studies of the team of dr. Gambotto, dating back to the times of the Sars epidemic, as he himself states.

Oxford University

Finally, we all have high hopes for an effective vaccine available as soon as possible. However, the path traveled by the Advent-Irbm of Pomezia in collaboration with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University seems to be among the closest to the finish line. The possibility of having a vaccine already in September would be a great result. However, the optimism of Irbm and Oxford University is more than encouraging; considering the proverbial prudence in similar matters. The non-toxicity and efficacy of the vaccine based on laboratory results are one of the first “steps”, which we hope will lead to a positive resolution of the pandemic.


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