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New measures by the government to keep Covid-19 infections under control (our Special), which has been increasing in recent weeks. New obligation of masks and stop at parties. We must batten down the hatches before it’s too late. This is the reason that prompted the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to sign a new provision.

Ordinance on the use of masks

The order signed by Speranza imposes the obligation to wear a mask even outdoors from 6pm to 6am in places where there is a risk of crowding.

Mascherine - masks
The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza

Also foreseen is the suspension of dance activities, both indoors and outdoors, taking place in discos and in any other space open to the public. No alarmism though. It is the Minister himself who reassures everyone, even if he specified that we must be careful to avoid losing all the efforts that the Italians have made so far. “The numbers of infections in Italy, even if among the lowest in Europe, are growing”, observed Speranza. “We cannot nullify the sacrifices made in the past months. Our priority must be to reopen schools in September in complete safety.” Priority, therefore, to open schools according to the schedule already set.

Aid to locals to stem losses

Skip, therefore, concerts and dance parties for many clubs, especially those of the seaside resorts.

Mascherine - tweet del Ministro Speranza
The tweet of Minister Speranza

Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, has already promised that specific measures will be envisaged to limit losses. This new provision was made to avoid having to run for cover too late. In fact, in the last week there has been a surge in infections (3,351 cases), still contained, but the numbers are rising in the rest of Europe. Too risky.

Summer continues even without dancing

The ordinance suspends activities that take place in dance halls, discos and similar places, outdoors or indoors. An important clarification: exceptions with regional ordinances are not allowed.

Vita notturna a Rimini

The provision also introduces the obligation, from 6pm to 6am in the mask even outdoors, in the spaces pertaining to the premises and places open to the public and in public spaces which by characteristics favor gatherings. However, summer is not over. The dance clubs will be able to continue with the restaurant and bar activities. It is true we will have fewer parties but, for those who know how to have fun safely, the holidays continue.

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