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The race for a vaccine against Covid has been going on for months. And Italy may also be on this path. We had announced it several times that Italian research is making great strides in this sector. Among the hundred vaccines that the scientific community is testing, there is also an Italian one. A Pomezia company is collaborating in the research with the University of Oxford. And this could soon lead to the production of the most advanced vaccine in the world also in Italy. Caution is always needed, as we always say. But many seem to point to a positive sign.

il vaccino più avanzato - dottore mentre effettua il vaccino ad una signora  - the most advanced vaccine - doctor while vaccinating a lady
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The most advanced vaccine in the world has Italy among the leading countries

And the reassurance comes from Walter Ricciardi, member of the executive committee of the World Health Organization and adviser to Minister Speranza. Interviewed on TV, at the show Agora on Rai3, he assured that the most advanced vaccine in the world could be produced in our country. “Europe is far ahead of the United States – underlined Ricciardi -. We are planning to have a substantial part produced in Italy.” And so “to be among the leading countries.” The vaccine mentioned by Ricciardi is precisely the one that sees the collaboration between the University of Oxford and a company from Pomezia. “It is in a phase of development – Ricciardi clarified – more advanced than the other. If things go well in autumn-winter we could have the first doses and of course also those for Italians. “

Il vaccino più avanzato  - momento della vaccinazione - The most advanced vaccine - time of vaccination
Anche l’Italia potrebbe produrre il vaccino contro il Coronavirus

Covid has not disappeared, while waiting for the vaccine we must respect the rules

Italy is preparing to produce the most advanced vaccine in the world, attention to Coronavirus must not subside. In fact, the rules on social distancing must always be respected to avoid contagions. Because as the experts say, the danger has not escaped at all. We have to avoid a second wave. “The situation has improved throughout Italy – explained Ricciardi on TV -. On the other hand, the other day WHO spoke of the worst day since the start of the global pandemic. We must be careful to limit outbreaks as they appear and continue to behave well.”

Ricciardi also makes it clear that Covid does not appear to have weakened. “It is basically the same – he reiterated – that in other parts of the world is now producing deaths as we have seen in Bergamo”. Always wear the mask, therefore, gloves not, according to Ricciardi. “Gloves should only be worn by health professionals who know how to use them, I have always advised against them and never used them.”

Il vaccino italiano - medico in laboratorio - italian vaccine- doctor in a laboratory
International studies don’t stop

On asymptomatic the expert’s clarifications

Ricciardi also clarified it with regard to asymptomatics and the transmission of the virus, after the observations of the World Health Organization. “Asymptomatic transmission is typical of this virus – he said -. And this is exactly what sets it apart from Sars and Mers.” “In a month it spread all over the world – he added – when other pandemics take 6 months or a year”. And thenabout WHO “colleagues have been under pressure for months, but if it did not exist there would be huge damage because it is the only organization that can fight the pandemic. In fact, from this tragedy, we all go out together or nobody. We must support the WHO and criticize it when it makes mistakes, as now, giving an inaccurate answer and without scientific evidence but certainly not thinking of abolishing it”.

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