The government has allocated allowances (the famous bonuses) to cope with the emergency. You can claim the bonus for the entire month of April 2020 through CAF, patronage or on the INPS website. Let’s see in detail what it is and how to benefit from it.

Who can claim the bonus

The bonuses is 600 euros which are tax free. Various categories of workers are recognized while all those who collect Citizen’s Income (DRC) are exempt. The bonus is primarily aimed at freelancers. The VAT number must have been opened before February 23, 2020. Furthermore, it must be active, this means that it must have a turnover and contributions paid within parameters established by INPS. The list also includes coordinated and continuous collaborators and self-employed workers enrolled in the special management of compulsory general insurance. Then again: seasonal workers who work in the tourism sector and spas, in agriculture and entertainment.

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The baby-sitting bonus dedicated to families

Moreover, the government has allocated funds for specific family needs through baby-sitting bonuses. The measure is aimed at families with children up to 12 years of age. There are many categories that fall within the entitled parties. Among these, we find private employees, registered in the Separate Management, and self-employed workers up to a maximum of 600 euros, as an alternative to parental leave. There are other categories, however, that are entitled to a bonus of 1000 euros instead of 600. Among them: employees of the health sector, accredited public and private sector, doctors, nurses and biomedical laboratory technicians. For the complete list, consult the INPS website.

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In addition to the classic bonuses for workers, there is a bonus for families with children up to 12 years of age.

How to get bonuses

For both allowances, to log in you can use the SPID, CIE, CNS or request a PIN. SPID is a recognition system for public administration that can also be requested from home. The CIE is the new electronic identity card. Then we have the CNS, the National Service Card. It is a smart card or a USB pendrive that contains a digital certificate for authentication. Finally, you can request the PIN. One part will arrive by SMS or mail, the second part by post. Once you have selected the authentication method (I would opt for those exclusively online), you can create your account or log in on the INPS website. In the search bar, type in “Application for income support benefits”.

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Click, and go to “COVID-19 Indemnity”. At this point it will be necessary to fill in the form with jour to the job category and personal data including name and surname, mobile phone number, email address (the PEC is optional). The procedure is very fast, the only difficulty remains, to date, the need to load pages several times due to the high number of users. In this regard, I recommend surfing the web in the hours of least crowds. After filling in the data, just click NEXT between tabs till the end.

Check application status and various information

To check the status of the application, log in to MyINPS. For assistance, there are various ways. The Contact Center: you can call it from the landline (803 164), or mobile (06 164 164), even on Saturdays (until 2 pm). Then there is the PEC, chat and FAQ where you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


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