Today, April 1, the data we all hoped for did not arrive in Italy. Infections have increased just like currently positive cases. But let’s see everything in detail.

The diffusion

The growth of contagions has undergone a fairly substantial increase today. There are 4,782 daily cases, (+753) compared to yesterday. However, there is an increase in swabs made, from 29,069 to 34,455, (-5386).

Other data

There is also an increase in the growth of the currently positive, which goes from 2,107 yesterday to 2,937, a daily increase of 830. The number of people healed remains very similar to yesterday, passing from 1109 to 1118, (+9). Unfortunately, after 5 days in decline, the daily percentage variation also increases, that is, as the growth in percentage terms of the total cases varies day by day. It goes from 4% to 4.5%.

Let’s continue

At this moment, apart from data, staying at home in even more essencial. We must continue to follow the rules. The lives of many people depend on our great little sacrifices.

For those who passed away

There is a drop in the number of deceased, which goes from 837 to 727, (-110). An improvement, but this number remains frighteningly high. Predictable figure considering the high numbers of infections in recent days, but which should decrease more and more, given the frequent drops in infections. Fewer infections should also lead hospitals to a more easily controllable situation.

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