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Today, April 10, positive data were recorded in Italy and Europe.

The spread

Decline in daily infections compared to yesterday, from 4,204 to 3,951, (-253). A slight slowdown of the virus, but which bodes well for the next few days. This figure was recorded with a large number of swabs, 53,495 tests were carried out, a record since the pandemic began.

Other important data

There is also an improvement in the number of current positive cases: from 1.615 yesterday to 1.396 today (-219). The number of people healed rises, albeit very slightly: 1,985 (+6) compared to the figure recorded yesterday. The daily percentage change decreases, that is, how the growth in percentage terms of the total cases day by day varies. It went from 3.02% to 2.75%.

Hospitals are emptied

The most heartening data certainly come from ICU patients and from patients with symptoms. For the sixth day in a row, there has been a drop in ICU patients, 108 fewer people in total. The number of hospitalized people with symptoms also decreases: 157 less than yesterday.

Let’s stay at home

The top priority remains this, we must stay home! This is the most important weapon we have against this virus. There are also various associations that can be helped by staying at home through online donations. Today we share with you a fundraiser that we launched with and with the Red Cross of Rovigo. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Death tool

Even the most important data is better, namely death tool. Today 570 deaths have been recorded, (-40 compared to yesterday). Number still frighteningly high, but which unfortunately will drop last, being a consequence of the infections of the previous weeks

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