Who knows if these are legends or if there actually exist places inhabited by ghosts. But did you know that in our country there are as many as 13 haunted houses? Palaces, monasteries, villas, houses. And the number 13, for those who are a bit superstitious, is not a coincidence. We reveal you what these places are and where they are.

13 haunted houses: Villa de Vecchi
Villa De Vecchi

The haunted villas

Many are the villas infested by invisible friends. There is Villa De Vecchi, the red house, located in Via Provinciale, in Cortenova, in Valsassina. It is said that from this villa female moans and the sound of a piano come out, especially on the nights of the summer and winter solstice. A family lived in this house from the end of the 19th century. One day the man found his dead wife with a disfigured face and his missing daughter; desperate, he committed suicide. Villa Foscari, is located in Veneto, in Mira. It seems to be inhabited by the ghost of a woman, with light skin and red hair, wearing a long black dress. It would be Elisabetta Dolfin, who lived exiled in this villa for 30 years, due to infidelity towards her husband.

13 haunted houses: Villa Clara
Villa Clara – Credit: storie.ivipro.it

Villa Magnoni and Villa Clara

It is located in the Ferrara area, Villa Magnoni, precisely in Cona. The story related to this villa dates back to the 1980s. Four kids went to visit this mysterious house. Suddenly they heard cries of children and then they saw, looking out a window, an old woman who told them to go away. Taken by fear, the boys came out and three of them died hit by a car. After this happened, the authorities walled up all the windows. But a few days later, the one from which the witch appeared looked out again. What a mystery! Villa Clara is instead located in Trebbo di Reno, in the province of Bologna. It is a 16th century residence and takes its name from the small soul who died there in the early 1900s. The ghost of the girl, walled alive by her father, frightened by his powers as a seer, lives in this place. Some swear that they heard their complaints.

Villa Cerri
The Villa of the star-crossed lovers – Credit: notizie.it

Among the 13 haunted houses there are Villa Cerri and Villa Caboto

The first one, also called Villa of the star-crossed lovers is in the province of Pavia, in Lomello. Its name leaves no doubt: in this house a man killed his wife and her lover with his rifle, and then committed suicide. Three ghosts apparently still haunt the house, bringing everyone the clothes to suicide or madness. There are other versions related to this villa, but this is undoubtedly the most intriguing. The last of the haunted villas is Villa Caboto. It is located in Sicily, in Mondello. Various legends have arisen around it. One tells that it was an appointment house. One night, some German soldiers went there with prostitutes, but they were killed during an ambush. Since then, their souls are cackling all night. There are those who, passing by, have heard screams, those who have seen lights turn on and off or the house move.

13 haunted houses: Montebello Castle
Montebello Castle – Credit: hotelmyosotis.it

The castles inhabited by ghosts

In the list of the 13 haunted houses we also mention two castles. In the Montebello Castle in Poggio Torriana, Rimini, lived Azzurrina, the little albino, with blue hair. On 21 June 1375 she began to play with a ball. The guards who watched her heard a scream and approached but found neither the child nor the ball. The death of Uguccione’s daughter from Montebello is shrouded in mystery. Her ghost, however, continues to roam the castle, but appears only every five years. And only during the night of the summer solstice. The other castle is located in Moncalieri. Maniero della Rotta would be the most frequented in Italy! Inside they were spotted, at different times: an armed knight, a noble suicide, a man dressed in black, a cardinal reading a book, a nanny, a criminal priest and a procession of ecclesiastics.

violinist house
Casa del Violino Credit: darkgothiclolita

Casa del Violino and Casa delle anime: among the 13 haunted houses

A violinist lived in Casa del Violino, in Scogna Sottana in the province of La Spezia. After his death, due to a serious illness, his violin, closed in the case, continues playing, with distressing screams in the background. The Casa delle Anime hides a bizarre story. It was an inn run by a family of thieves. In fact, the family robbed the more affluent guests, without making any scruples about suffocating or stabbing anyone who noticed. Was then arrested. But whoever stayed there later is sure to have seen strange things: doors open and close by themselves, moving crockery, hearing screams.

Ca’ Dario and Carmagnola Palace

Ca ‘, or Dario Palace, is a splendid building in Venetian style, but struck by a terrible curse. All the owners of the palace must die killed, suicidal or for very bizarre accidental causes. The reason is not known precisely: according to some it was built on a templar cemetery, according to others it is influenced by a talisman. Carmagnola Palace, now the headquarters of Consob and the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, is a splendid 14th century building. And it is inhabited by illustrious specters: the Count of Carmagnola and Cecilia Gallerani. Leonardo’s Lady with the ermine!

Cursed monastery of the Devil’s Monks – Credit: Vesuvio Live

The last of the 13 haunted houses is the cursed Monastery of the Devil’s Monks

It is located in Sicignano degli Alburni in the province of Salerno. One day a poor traveler asked for alms to the priests of this monastery, who welcomed him willingly. To repay the favor, the young man remained at their servants until he took his vows. It happened, however, that he fell in love with a beautiful peasant woman. Discovered, the two lovers were separated: he was imprisoned and she was accused of witchcraft, tortured to death. The day of his release arrived and strange events began to happen. One of many, a couple asked for hospitality at the monastery, but after a while the woman disappeared and the man returned to the carriage with his head split. The ghost of the man in a carriage, in search of his wife, has been spotted several times. The monk was killed and hanged to a tree and, perhaps, his specter still wanders for those places in search of victims.

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