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Today March 27 there is a drop in infections and current positive since yesterday, but unfortunately death toll continues to rise as never before. Let’s see the data.

Drop in infections

The number of infected people drops from 6153 to 5959, (-194). This drop is recorded after yesterday’s sharp rise, continuing a trend that often rises and falls from day to day. The number of current positive people also drops from 4492 to 4401 (-91). Numbers detected with less swabs than yesterday, 3596 less. The percentage of infections still decreases, from 8.3% to 7.4%.

daily infections

Italy passes China in Coronavirus-related infections

Today we passed China in Coronavirus-related infections. In China, in fact, the curve is now almost stopped with very few cases recorded daily, only 46 more than yesterday! This is what we hope for!

We will never tire of saying it, stay home!

This is our main weapon, we must minimize human contacts to avoid transmission of the virus. In the meantime, an App is being developed that can help identify infected individuals, even asymptomatic. A step forward, which we hope it will prove to be decisive.

Death tool

Unfortunately, the most negative figure is precisely the number of victims, which reaches 969, a record in Italy since this nightmare began. An increase of 307 victims compared to yesterday.

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