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Due sorelle beach, colors, sounds and smells that manage to arouse emotion and at the same time make you feel at peace.

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle - riviera del conero - Due Sorelle beach - riviera del conero

We will try as much as possible to make you feel those scents, those sounds and those sensations that we felt when, with flip flops in our hands, we sank our feet in the warm white sands of the beach.

Due Sorelle beach near Ancona

Due Sorelle beach is one of the most beautiful bays on the entire Ancona coast. Located a few kilometers from Ancona, in the nearby town of Sirolo, this wonder of nature is accessible only by sea. In reality, some tourist guides reveal the presence of a path that leads directly to the beach from the green mountain that overlooks it. For those who decide to visit it, know that it is possible to do it with a boat.

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle - monte conero - Due Sorelle beach - monte conero

Thanks to this peculiarity, the beautiful bay remains intact and unspoiled. Although hundreds of visitors literally storm it in summer, this small cove remains unspoiled. Ferries and small boats are available in nearby marinas. Low prices and guaranteed fun.

Where does the name ‘Due Sorelle Beach’ come from?

It’s called “spiaggia delle Due Sorelle” – “Two Sisters beach” – , not by chance. In fact, it’s due to the presence of two cliffs that this singular appellation was assigned. The two huge boulders emerge from the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea on the north side of the bay and are affectionately known by locals as “the Two Sisters”.

The Conero

Marche, a region that manages to give beauty from any perspective. Being in Ancona and not enjoying the wonderful coasts would be a sacrilege. Mount Conero in fact frames a sequence of beaches and bays, second to none. These beautiful beaches boast Caribbean colors and pure waters. The white of the sand in contrast with the blue-green of the sea will make you fall in love. You can’t miss the beaches of the Conero Riviera. The beautiful but crowded Dei Sassi Neri beach, or the beautiful and wild Cava Davanzali beach.

Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle - porto di ancona - Ancona port

Sometimes it is thought that the best way to enjoy a place is to find yourself inside it, but we will reveal a little secret to you, it is not necessarily so. Hoping that you do not suffer from vertigo, but even if it were, grit your teeth a little, we suggest you go to the Passo del Lupo. Overhanging the blue sea of Ancona, this plateau is located exactly above Due Sorelle beach. The sight you will enjoy once at the top will be a magnificent reward for the small sacrifice.

‘Ancona’ once again

Going to Ancona and wanting to return is not just a saying. The beautiful city of the Marche offers so much beauty and history that visitors are left with the desire to return to see it again. The beauty of its coastline, the peculiarity of its traditions, the scents of the land, remain in the heart of tourists. This ancient city is a worthy representative of made in Italy beauty.

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