While the lockdown was a particularly difficult period for many, the environment instead benefited. Yes, because man has consumed less, and finally nature has run its course. And this also had a significant effect in calculating the annual consumption of resources. Do you know what Earth Overshoot Day is? An important day to understand how much humanity is consuming and then think about what measures to take to respect the planet more. And this day just falls today. As industry experts claim, this year we gained a month. We explain why.

Overshoot Day, la terra ha bisogno di maggiore rispetto
An image of how nature is harming itself

Earth Overshoot Day, the analysis of a research institute

The Global Footprint Network, the international research institute, is in charge of the study on the planet. Experts devised the method for calculating resource consumption. With the forced closure imposed in recent months, it was calculated that in 2020 the carbon footprint was reduced by 14.5%. This happened due to the global economic slowdown caused by Covid-19.

Overshoot Day, la terra
An image of the planet earth

How Overshoot Day is calculated

A comparison is made between the needs of humanity, carbon emissions, cultivated land, exploitation of fish stocks with the use of forests for timber and the planet‘s ability to regenerate these resources and absorb the carbon emitted. Overshoot Day is therefore the day on which humanity consumes all the resources produced by the planet throughout the year. Last year this date fell on July 29, but in the high years it has always gone backwards. In fact, the current consumption of resources is equal to 1.7 times the annual regenerative capacity of the earth. The risk, for experts, is that in 2050, humanity will consume well double what the Earth produces.

Overshoot Day, la siccità presente su molte zone
One of the greatest damage to the planet is drought

The reduction of times for calculating the Overshoot Day

Therefore, if nature and the entire planet have had a great benefit in the months of lockdown, something should be done for a greater and global commitment to protecting the environment. In fact, this is certainly not a structural change. Rather a temporary effect that occurred due to the closure of many activities and therefore to the measures adopted by the governments of many countries. But things could change as early as next year, researchers fear, if preventive action is not taken. And above all, we do not change the way we produce, distribute and consume. It was 15 years since this date had not been recorded so late: in 2005 it fell on 25 August.

La natura da rispettare
A rare image of green forest

What to do to improve the environment

There are many factors that unfortunately lead to a lack of respect for the environment. For example, industrial and intensive fishing is emptying seas and oceans. Fish don’t have time to grow and reproduce. The increase in the world population and the scarce resources typical of our species also cause the reduction in time. Deforestation produces between 12 and 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, increasing global warming. It is up to us, therefore, to try in our own small way to reduce our consumption, because a real revolution can start from small gestures.

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