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Today, April 2, we see improvements in the daily data. Fall in infection rates and growth in healed people, in particular!

The spread is being slowed down

Good news regards the daily infections, the number is still high but the growth is decreasing: 4,668 more people infected today, 114 less than yesterday. The number of swabs is the highest recorded so far. 39,809, 5,354 more than yesterday, therefore, a further reassuring figure.

fall in infection rates

Hope in the fall in infection rates

The figure concearning people healed is excellent, today there have been 1,431 recoveries. If we add this figure to the data on the infections, a drop in the currently daily positive comes out. It went from 2937 to 2477, or 460 less than on April 1st. Today, there is also a slowdown in the daily percentage variation, that is, how the growth in percentage terms of the total cases varies day by day. It goes from + 4.5% to + 4.2%.

Keep it up!

These data would be extremely different if the mandatory quarantine for the vast majority of people had not entered into force. Staying at home is crucial for slowing down the spread of the virus. So we have to keep it up, stay home and do everything we can to help those who are working to save lives.

Death tool

The death tool remeber reminds us continually, if that wasn’t clear.
A still very high number, with 760 people affected by Coronavirus passed away today. Scary, but anticipated figure, given the infected of the previous days. The number is expected to decrease in the coming weeks, based on the slowdown in infections.

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