There is a place where man and nature live in harmony, where sounds and scents have the taste of freedom, where walking barefoot means being free to experience contact with the earth. There is a place where hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch are not just senses but sharing sensations, we are talking about the Five Senses Park in Pallone in the province of Viterbo.

Walk barefoot at the Five Senses park

We are in Lazio, and exactly in Pallone, a small town a few kilometers from Viterbo. The Five Senses park rises amidst untouched nature. A structure designed to live a mystical and symbiotic experience between man and nature. The motto of the founders of the park, which has become part of the philosophy and the name of the same, is “an barefoot experience”.

five senses park-bare feet on green grass
The Five senses park is the place where it is possible to walk barefoot

In fact, one of the flagships of the “park family” is the barefoot walk on the natural path. A guide will take you through the park on a specially designed path, but not only, to get the most out of contact with nature, walking on the sand, on the trunks, on the grass but also on the common asphalt or cement, to maximize the feelings of freedom that only such a true experience can give you. The benefits of barefoot walks are endless. In addition to the “nature” walk, the park offers many different initiatives. The Park is more than anything else a place for people who love real and natural life.

tree of the five senses Park
Interior of the Five Senses park

Trips, family reunions and real group events can be organized. The park’s website offers the opportunity to book any days or even weeks at the park, or simply request information on prices, initiatives and events.

The park in schools

Among the various initiatives proposed by the “artisans of the senses”, so the Cinque Sensi park operators like to call themselves, there is the beautiful pop-up initiative. Just like the pop-up books, where for each page you browse the characters rise up and populate the scene as theater actors, the kids who participate in this wonderful initiative become actors and protagonists. Trampling with bare feet, pebbles, sand or leaves, the little schoolchildren perceive and learn to read their feelings and the thousand emotions that their feet can convey.

Around the park …

Fifteen minutes by car and you find yourself in Viterbo. The beautiful Lazio town offers many attractions. From the sulphurous water source, passing by the splendid Palazzo Dei Papi, to reach the beautiful Faggeta of Monte Cimino, declared a natural heritage of Humanity. The accommodations are not lacking and the prices are limited. For those who do not live on their own, two steps away from these enchanted places there is no other choice but to land at Fiumicino. But fear not, from the capital it will be enough, so to speak, an hour and a half by car to reach Viterbo and Pallone. A journey for those who love nature and the sensations they can give. Reconnect with your own spirituality and with the planet in the name of purity. Recommended, in our opinion to everyone, without distinction from the age group.

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