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If we think of the top companies in Italy, our first thought goes to fashion and tourism. These categories are in fact in constant growth, with Italy boasting the fourth place among the most visited countries in the world and companies in the field of fashion that register a 22% increase every four years. But recently market development has given rise to companies closely linked to two constantly growing sectors: that of the green economy and that of the digital.

Italy is even more green

Since the rush of fast food and crazy shopping rush is over, consumers are more careful about what they consume and how they spend their money, increasingly interested in making fair-trade purchases in respect of nature. Green economy, that employs more than three million workers, involves more than 350,000 Italian constantly growing companies. Their going green has obviously also involved the food sector, starting with the production of food. For this reason, organic farming proves to be a booming market, with 20% growth in a year as it happened for the two year period 2016-2017.

la cosentina - uva nera nelle mani

Furthermore, it is increasingly easy to find organic food products in supermarkets and therefore it is not surprising that Natural Food, a company specializing in organic, vegan and gluten-free foods, is in the Financial Times’ list of top European companies.
Consumers growing love for nature also involves and transforms sectors traditionally at the top of the Italian economy such as tourism. In fact, outdoor tourism is constantly growing, with a turnover of 3.3 billion euros in 2019. It seems that tourists prefer outdoor walks in the mountains or mountain bike excursions instead of tourist villages, in total respect for nature.

Italian companies discover digital

Italy is also successfully exploiting all new instruments provided by the world of internet. This has already led to the birth and development of companies that operate directly on the web or that exploit online visibility to increase turnover. The latter case includes e-commerce. According to the Polytechnic of Milan, e-commerce has seen growth data around 50% from one year to another. Beside e-commerce, companies such as Filoblu, which deal with educating companies to make the best use of online sales tools, also saw the light and a good turnover.

If new car sales sector is successful in Italy, contributing 6% of the country’s GDP, a new growing category is car rental, with one company out of three born after 2014: the ease with which today you can rent a vehicle on the internet has undoubtedly stimulated this sector with a turnover of six billion euros in Italy. Keeping up with the times, the rental sector in Italy is also turning more and more towards the world green with hybrid and electric car increasingly present in agencies.

Which companies do operate in the digital sector? Web agencies stand out. They help other businesses to browse the complex world of the internet through the development of online marketing campaigns, website development and digital consulting. This service is increasingly in demand and it is no coincidence that one of the Italian companies present in the Financial Times ranking with a growth of over 1,000% in three years is Caffeina, a web agency founded in 2011 by three university friends. If Italy is famous all over the world for fashion, luxury and good food, in recent years new Made in Italy sectors are emerging that respond to the new needs of a constantly growing market, ready to export excellence all over the world, in the fields of green and digital.

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