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The Pope Giovanni XXII team from Bergamo has greeted the 80 Emergency operators who have been working alongside him for weeks to assist Covid patients in the field hospital. Excellent structure built in record time by the National Alpine Association within the Fiera area in Bergamo.

ospedale da campo - dottori e pazienti con striscione salutano e ringraziano emergency
ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII Facebook

Inaugurated on April 7, in 49 days it welcomed 120 patients, the last released last Sunday, May 24. Inpatients who came from both the emergency room and intensive care. The garrison, which lost only one patient, involved 277 medical workers, health workers and logisticians.

“We are happy because we have been able to make our contribution in an extremely difficult situation – said Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency – this structure is becoming a model. We hope there is no further need, but we always remain close to Bergamo, you can always count on us”.

ospedale da campo - post di emergency
Emergency Italia Facebook

Grateful also the comments of the general director of the ASST Pope Giovanni XXIII Maria Beatrice Stasi: “It was a very positive experience, a model of collaboration between very different realities and a precious help also to allow the hospitals of the province to start again, bringing part of the Covid areas back to Covid free areas – she explained – today is not the end for this structure, but a new beginning: we have about 2,000 people that we have admitted to our structures and that we want to follow in the necessary checks after discharge.”

ospedale da campo - locandina emergency

A few days ago the commissioner Gallera announced that the field hospital will not be dismantled. He will be converted into a follow-up clinic for Covid-19 patients. The whole area has already been sanitized. Beds and equipment remain available and ready for use in case it is necessary to restore hospitalizations in the future.

The Surviving Covid project is part of the wider Covid19_lab initiative, in partnership with FROM, which intends to systematize the collection and analysis of clinical and health data from Covid patients. In the new facility, rehabilitation and screening operations can be performed, it is already equipped with CT and radiographic equipment and spirometry devices will soon be installed. There is also the possibility of taking samples which will then be processed in the laboratories of Pope John. The expectation is to examine an average of 36 patients per day.

ospedale da campo di bergamo con dottori
The field hospital of Bergamo

Vaccinations, usually carried out at the Borgo Palazzo social and territorial health center, are also sorted. The Fair is much more accessible to citizens, it has a large free car park and all the space needed for spacing that will have to be respected for many months to come.

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