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In a time that seems so extraordinary, we open a window on the tenacious normality of those who continue to operate the country. Voices of those who work every day leaving home and loved ones – and then come back (if and when given to do so) with the doubt of hurting them. Small stories of an even more difficult quarantine, precisely because it is permeable.

primo piano di Ilaria in bianco e nero

I’m Ilaria and I live in Palazzolo Acreide, in the province of Syracuse.

I have been married to Carmelo for seven years. He is a geologist and works as a freelancer.

Since the emergency for Covid-19 began, he has been working from home, in smart working. And then he takes care of our two children, Matteo five years old and Gioele just one year old.

But I am not at home. I am a nurse and I work every day in the hospital.

For fourteen years this has been my life, demanding shifts and far from my affections. But I studied to become a nurse and I think I didn’t want to do anything else in my life.

Because that’s what I like to do: take care of others.

After all, my life hasn’t changed since the emergency began. I keep doing what I’ve always done. I also work in the maternal and child department and every day I assist mothers waiting to give birth.

An emotion but also a great fear for these women who find themselves living an important moment in their lives unfortunately alone, due to the restrictions imposed on hospitals for safety reasons.

But this is precisely a sign of hope. Those newborn babies are a symbol of courage, an invitation to go ahead despite everything. A unique emotion that gives you strength.

This 2020 is testing us. We will come out changed, both those who stay at home and have been forced to change their habits, and those who live on the street every day, engaged in difficult work.

I am thirty six years old. There have been so many bad times in my life.

Without a doubt the most beautiful are the birth of my two children. They helped me overcome those others, the ones I don’t want to talk about.

I know little of what lies ahead tomorrow. But I know some things today.

Today I know I am afraid to go home every day. Being so exposed, like other people who work in my sector, I fear I can contract the virus, even if we use all the necessary protection.

I am convinced, however, that I am not afraid to continue. Continue to do my job.

This emergency did not affect the passion for what I do, the desire that pushes me every day to reach the hospital and put myself in service.

I wish me, my family, you all to remain united. Only in this way will we be able to separate ourselves from this bad period.

“I’m a nurse, and I wouldn’t want to be anything else.” Ilaria ultima modifica: 2020-05-09T12:26:00+02:00 da Redazione