In Italian! Has anyone noticed that we speak English without realizing it? Has anyone realized that in any speech we use – meaningless – an incredible amount of English words? And does anyone understand that Italian is a language that would not need to rely on anyone else from how rich it is? The language of the most beautiful Country in the world. We let the English language conquer increasing spaces of our language. And the most curious thing is that almost always those who use English terms in their speeches can’t speak English.

in italian

However, for example, ‘it makes cool’ to cover any trade with foreign nobility, covering it with the word ‘marketing ‘, which means nothing more than turning anything into a market.
Italians, the undisputed masters of the fashion world, don’t talk about ‘moda’ but about ‘fashion’. If we take into account the young people – and less young – who populate youtube Italy, no longer understands what language they are talking about: they talk about ‘prank’ when they could very well say ‘scherzo’, they talk about ‘challenge’ instead of ‘sfida’, they use ‘quote’ instead of ‘citare’. There are a few books that write about this phenomenon. Urgent Italian, 500 Anglicisms translated into Italian on the model of the Spanish one by Gabriele Valle; Let’s say it in Italian. The abuses of English in the lexicon of Italy and paste by Antonio Zoppetti; Italian is wonderful. How and why we must save our language by Claudio Marazzini, president of the Accademia della Crusca. And there is also a site that can help us

50 words we can say in Italian:

All inclusive: tutto compreso
Abstract: riassunto
Audience: pubblico
Background: sfondo
Backstage: dietro le quinte
Badge: tesserino
Boss: capo
Brand: marca
Break: pausa
Business: affari
Buyer: compratore
Cash: contanti
Coach: allenatore
Concept: idea
Community: comunità
Cool: figo
Copyright: diritto d’autore
Deadline: scadenza
Display: schermo
Fashion: moda
Flop: fiasco
Food: cibo
Freelance: libero professionista
Gossip: pettegolezzo
Happy end: lieto fine
Hotel: albergo
Look: aspetto
Mail: posta
Make up: trucco
Manager: dirigente
Match: partita
Meeting: incontro
Mission: missione
News: notizie
Okay: va bene
Part time: orario ridotto
Partner: compagno/a
Party: festa
Relax: rilassarsi
Trend: tendenza
Show: spettacolo
Sexy: sensuale
Staff: personale
Startup: nuova impresa
Team: squadra
Ticket: biglietto
Trash: spazzatura
Weekend: fine settimana (ìmany say ‘see you in the week’)
Workout: allenamento
Workshop: seminario

Shall we say it in Italian?

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