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#iorestolibero, #Istayfree, April 25th in the name of memory and also of solidarity in the dramatic year of the Coronavirus pandemic. The 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi-fascist dictatorship for Italy promises to be a great virtual demonstration. The restrictive measures of the lockdown impede public initiatives, marches and commemorations as has happened in the past. So, for April 25, 2020, we all gather virtually around the Tricolor. The virtual embrace runs on the web at a time when Italy and the world fight against an invisible enemy called Covid-19.

April 25: homage to the past and commitment to the difficult present

The #iorestolibero campaign was born on the web to bring together Italian men and women in a virtual but equally lively and passionate square. A great mobilization that not only wants to remember but also to give. In fact, on April 25 2020 a particular dimension of solidarity is acquired.

aprile manifesto

The campaign promoters are asking for donations to support the third sector, the world of associations that takes care of those who in need, especially in this time of quarantine. “It will be an April 25 of liberation, perhaps the biggest since the post-war period” say the promoters of the mobilization campaign. The appeal is to “gather around our local communities to restore strength to the national and planetary communities”.

The recipients of donations

Thanks also to Slow Food’s commitment, the donations collected will be destined for Italian Caritas and the Italian Red Cross. To donate, simply connect to the GoFundMe platform and click on ‘Make a donation’. “While the health emergency forces us at home and will force us to reduce social relationships for a long time – explain the creators of the campaign – the social emergency will grow around us.

aprile disegno - april

It will touch many of us, it will leave a sign no less indelible than the virus. They taught us that we can fight Coronavirus with social distancing and isolation. The other virus, the one that also deprives many people of daily bread, is fought with closeness and a sense of community “.

#iorestolibero: live on April 25

The appointment with the live of “April 25, 2020 #iorestolibero”, will take place at 11 am on the website and at 2:30pm on the website of the newspaper Over a thousand celebrities from the world of culture and entertainment join the initiative. But also priests, economists and union representatives.

aprile bella ciao

Even the Anpi, (National Association of Italian Partisans) joins ì#iorestolibero and invites us “to make the strength of Liberation and the Constitution be felt in music from the balconies, from the windows. The strength of unity by transmitting the song “Bella Ciao” to every home at 3pm.

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