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How beautiful the Italian language is! Romantic, cultured and also difficult to learn but all this does nothing but increase its charm. The Italian alphabet is the result of a thousand-year evolution of ancestor alphabets. Starting from the Semitic one, from which the Phoenician was derived, and from the Phoenician the Greek, then the Etruscan, the Latin and finally the Italian.

italian alphabet
Photo by Diomari Madulara on Unsplash

Curiosity about Italian alphabet

  1. What are the most used letters of the alphabet? In first position there’s “i”, followed by “a”, “o”, “e”. 4 vowels, which allow words to have a harmonious sound.
  2. The least used is the letter “q”
  3. The Italian alphabet is made up of 21 letters, but the longest alphabet in the world is made up of 74 letters (Cambodia), while the shortest has 11 letters (Solomon Islands)
  4. J, K, W, Y, X are not part of the Italian alphabet, but are inserted as foreign letters
  5. The word alphabet derives from the union of the names of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta.

The Italian language

Dante’s language has admirers all over the world. This is because the many Italian excellences have made it famous in the world. Well yes, Italian is a language much loved abroad, because is the language of the opera. Anyone who is passionate about opera or wants to pursue a career as an opera singer must learn the Italian language. This at least for two reasons. To pronounce words well in music and to understand the lyric in order to interpret it better.
Italian is the language of art. Going around the Italian cities of art and the many museums that are located on the national territory is more instructive and pleasant if you know the Italian language. In fact, art can be an important stimulus to learn the Italian language.

Italy is the home of good food. Those who are fond of carbonara and tiramisu are willing to learn Italian starting with the alphabet so as not to miss the most intriguing secrets of wonderful Italian food. And then let’s not forget the mimicry and language of our most famous chefs, revered abroad also for their personality which is most expressed when they speak in Italian.
And again … let’s think about fashion. Anyone interested in fashion or wants to work in fashion should learn Italian because the fashion capital is located in Italy. Milan is one of the four most important cities in the world in the fashion sector.

Someone may say that English is the language of work and business. Sure. But if you are admiring the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Colosseum in Rome or the National Cinema Museum in Turin you will appreciate all the beauty and sophistication of art if you can understand the Italian language.

Let’s speak Italian!

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