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For some years the world of eCommerce has been dominating the world economy and the Italian ingenuity could not draw back. In fact even in Italy the digital market has taken flight in recent years, exporting unique quality products and goods such as Made in Italy only can do.

If in 2008 online stores had already resisted the shock of the global financial crisis that had hit the banks, in 2020 an important confirmation arrived and eCommerce proved to be an excellent vehicle for fueling trade and not stopping economic transactions, in a time when the whole world crashed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and many companies definitively had their shutters down.

In a period in which all citizens were forced to stay at home in quarantine to eradicate the virus, the web was attacked. And since the first days of March in Italy there have been strong increases in e-commerce sales, through the most popular websites, followed by market places and not only, which favored the sales of large-scale retail trade and also of small or medium-sized shops or companies.

The reasons that favored sales and purchases mainly concern digital marketing strategies, from company profiles on social networks that showcase products to integrated paid ads. Buying online means having everything at your fingertips with one click, that’s why in the period when many stores were closed, even the most suspicious buyers made their first online purchase. There are numerous online articles from authoritative journals in the sector, which show the data and the increase in eCommerce in the first half of 2020. Once again, Italian ingenuity continues to weave its history even in the digital economy; but what are the factors of marketing strategies that favor the economy of the Peninsula?

Social media as a showcase for your company

One of the determining factors regarding digital marketing are Social Networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tik Tok. YouTube is also an excellent digital marketing vehicle, as you can create videos and sponsor your company. Every company or freelancer can create a company profile and offer professional advice or services, companies can create shop windows and offer discounts and promotions to users. Social Media can always be present in the users’ shopping experience, the numerous offers and the very high variety of products and services available, manage to guarantee all buyers the opportunity to search for the best value for money with a few simple clicks, saving time and money. Social Media Marketing is increasingly proving to be a national and global springboard for Italian products and goods, whose ingenuity has always been a main feature in history.

Advantages and disadvantages of the digital market for buyers

The eCommerce market, despite being increasingly popular, has positive but also negative factors for buyers. Among the advantages we certainly find comfort, the possibility of choosing a product by immediately comparing the price between multiple brands, the speed of delivery in short distances and the ability to buy at any time, on any day even in another country. Among the disadvantages, the impossibility of touching the product by hand is certainly relevant, test it, moreover, you must rely on the most authoritative and safe market places, in order not to run the risk of fraud, or to buy poor quality goods or services. Despite this, the digital economy is continuously developing and constitutes an essential vehicle for Italian ingenuity in the most requested trends on the national and world market.

The Italian ingenuity and the new possibilities of the digital market

In April, Il Sole 24 Ore published an article on the countless possibilities that eCommerce can offer Italy, especially in the fashion sector which could be a launching pad to drive away the economic crisis that arose from the pandemic. The favorable data reported show that 77% of sales in the quarantine period saw new users making an online purchase for the first time. Total increase in eCommerce sales quarantine period was 250%, buyers are getting used to buy online and consider this solution more convenient and advantageous.

It is undeniable that by now eCommerce constitutes a new frontier through which to express the ingenuity of Made in Italy, the Sole 24 Ore identifies in Italian fashion a trend that would never go into crisis in any unfavorable situation, moreover, at full capacity and without impediments, there are really many Italian products that can be exported nationally and
international, such as food and typical products (wine, meats, pasta, salami, cheeses etc …), crafts, cars, not to mention tourism which every year attracts more and more visitors to every region of the Peninsula.

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