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It’s gonna be okay! For several days now, this sentence has been written on colored sticky notes around all Italian cities. Let’s make it our motto in this hard and dark period. In this situation in which none of us would have ever imagined we would have found. Let’s repeat it within us, as if to wrap our minds around. Let’s say it, smiling, towards those who mock us and denigrate us. To those who make us cartoons and memes laughing at our ‘misfortune’. Which, in reality, is not only ours but, unfortunately, concerns the whole world, from east to west. And it is precisely the global dimension of this phenomenon that should, once and for all, make us understand that we are all brothers, all equal, from north to south.

it's gonna be okay nuove indicazioni coronavirus

And that should stimulate once and for all those values of brotherhood, solidarity, empathy. It’s gonna be okay, we are sure!

Civic sense and common sense, in respect for all

Coronavirus is spreading throughout our country, with cases in every region of Italy and with the widening of the red areas. The Government and the regions are enacting extraordinary new measures to contain the virus and which we warmly invite you to respect. There are few prohibitions, few precautions, but fundamental for the protection of all. Leave the house only if strictly necessary. Do not leave the red areas. Comply with the self-quarantine if you have symptoms or have been in a risk area. Do not attend crowded places and avoid gatherings of people. Maintain a distance of at least three feet from the others. In addition to respecting all the hygiene rules we have told you about. After all, not much is asked. But have only civic sense and common sense in respect for all.

Solidarity under Covid-19

If on the one hand we must try to remain physically separate as much as possible, on the other we have to be closed with our hearts and souls. It is well known that Italians are a people with a golden heart. And even in this extremely difficult and delicate situation there is certainly no lack of demonstrations of generosity and altruism. From those who bring breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave messages of thanks and encouragement to the doctors and nurses in Piacenza. To the Neapolitan pizza chef who prepares free pizzas for health workers in Milan. Without forgetting the municipal and voluntary administrations that offer home delivery service for groceries and medicines. And voluntary associations, such as the La Terra di Piero in Cosenza, whose volunteers pay bills on behalf of the elderly, to whom it is strongly recommended not to leave the house.

It's gonna be okay
It’s gonna be okay. It will be all right. Think positive

Furthermore, in a period in which Italians and all that is Italian is repelled by the rest of the world, here is that Coldiretti launches the #mangiamoitaliano campaign. Because the quality of Made in Italy products certainly does not fail in Coronavirus times: our cheeses, meats, wines, oils, our pasta, meat and vegetables remain among the best in the world. Because we still have 297 PDO and PGI products and 415 DOC and DOCG wines, obviously virus free. 60,000 leading companies in the organic sector and 40,000 committed to the protection of seeds at risk of extinction. Because with our 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we still hold the world record together with China. Because we can still and forever boast of the artistic, architectural, natural, cultural, literary beauties of our country. No one should forget or question it.

It’s gonna be okay!

And if there is another thing that, surely, the rest of the world envies us is our healthy humor and self-irony. Social networks are full of funny phrases, jokes and playful cartoons. In addition to videos that release positive energy and invite everyone to remain optimistic. Because if there is another thing that we Italians know how to do is laugh at ourselves. It is getting up after a fall, getting up after a defeat stronger than before. And we will succeed this time too. Yes. If we keep calm, we follow the recommendations sent by the institutions, we respect the rules that have been given us by the government. And if we remain close, even if a meter away from each other. It will be all right!

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