Why do you want to fight the maze? Indulge it, for once. Don’t worry, let the road decide for you your path, and not the path to get you to choose the roads. Learn to roam, to wander. Tiziano Scarpa‘s words paint the labyrinth as something to embrace, explore, live without fear. The occasion to savor the pure and uncontaminated air of an infinite labyrinth with an artistic imprint is to be captured right here in Italy. The Masone labyrinth.

Masone labyrinth

Masone Labyrinth is located in the province of Parma, specifically in the Fontanellato area and, due to its vastness, has been included in the circuit of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli. Conceived by Franco Maria Ricci, it is the emblem of his careful and passionate work. The creator, in fact, is an Italian publisher and designer who has been able to channel his work into the labyrinth maze to welcome passers-by and let them discover cultural spaces.

Masone labyrinth - View from above of the dome

Interior of the Masone Labyrinth

In fact, inside the Masone space, it is also possible to find the art collections of Franco Maria Ricci, in addition to the library dedicated to typography and graphics. At the center of the labyrinth, once you arrive, you will be welcomed by a square with spacious and elegant halls and porches. What will catch your eye will be the particular pyramidal chapel. It is an emblematic expression of faith and fulfillment.

Perception of infinity

The largest maze in the world is made up of lush bamboo plants, which stretch from 30 cm to 15 meters. The corridors have a width of about three meters, giving you all the space to enjoy this magical adventure. In fact, for 7 hectares, you will be able to roam easily. You will experience the sensation of infinity for a moment. What better place, in fact, than an endless space? 200,000 bamboos will welcome you among their placidly undisputed leaves.

Masone labyrinth- square the central dome

There are about twenty different species, from the smallest, the dwarf, to the giant ones, thus giving you the opportunity to look at a plant that is too undervalued. The bamboo plant, for example, captures a great deal of carbon dioxide, purifying the air we breathe. And walking quietly you will live the unique experience of being able to explore a moment of infinity remaining with your feet on the ground (without getting lost).

Cultural focal point

Five thousand square meters. Fifty years of activity. Five hundred works. Everything in the largest maze in the world. It is not only the largest labyrinth in the world, but also a glimpse of culture and creative flair.

The art of the Masone

With particular attention to mannerist work, the works collected by Franco Maria Ricci cross all the highlights of artistic history. From Bernini to Hayez, from Canova to Savinio, the art collection excels as the nerve center of the Labyrinth. It will become an indispensable destination for visitors, who will have the opportunity to spend hours in the company of the greatest artistic works. In this way a perfect union is created between the Masone Labyrinth and art.

Masone Labyrinth- Art collection by Franco Maria Ricci

The music of the Masone Labyrinth

Even the music is not disdained, hosting concerts in these infinite hectares of the Masone, like the one in 2016 with the French duo AIR, and in 2017 giving space to the Norwegian jazz guitarist Stian Westerhus. Access to the maze, which costs 18 euros, will guarantee entry free from architectural barriers and guaranteed to dog. The largest labyrinth in the world is thus transformed from a taste of the infinite to a concrete experiential reality that you will absolutely have to enjoy.

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