I’m really sorry for everyone suffering in Italy right now. And I really don’t know exactly what to say. A part from “I love you” “Ti amo”.

Thus begins the video message that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta sends to Italy. Words that seem really heard on video and that Tiziano Ferro wanted to spread from his Instagram profile. Like him, the singer is also in Los Angeles, in solitary confinement. The message continues:

You are in my prayers and I know a lot of people are very scared. And I know a lot of elderly are shut down right now. I have family in Sicily. But I promise you that it’s gonna be ok and you gonna get through it. I say really sincerely that I will have you in my heart and in my prayers.

lady gaga - messaggio di Tiziano Ferro
Tiziano Ferro Instagram

Grandfather Germanotta migrated from Naso, Messina, in 1908. Lady Gaga has taken to heart this emergency, the one going on in Italy as everywhere of course. She was the promoter of One World: Together at Home on April 19, an online event that raised more than 128 million dollars with the participation of seventy artists connected from the world – Bocelli and Zucchero for Italy. And a special video tribute was offered to Italy during the event: ordinary people, images from balconies and hospitals, faces of health workers marked by safety masks and among them in particular the message of Dr. Silvia Castelletti, Milanese cardiologist, who wished the connected public a pizza for everyone when the emergency is over.

Her message continues with a significant impact, a manifesto that should last beyond emergencies:

Let’s stay together and be kind to each other

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Lady Gaga, thirty-four years old on March 28, ended her message moved, with a look at the sky:

I just send you my whole heart and my prayers. You know, I have friends that always say that: when things get hard, that’s when God is with you the most. I just wish for everyone who is in Italy right now to fell the embrace of something very divine like angel’s wings.

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