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The great Lucio Dalla passed away on March 1st, 2012 in Montreaux (Switzerland). A heart attack caused his death. The artist born in Bologna on March 4, 1943 is still today one of the most loved Italian songwriters ever. Lucio, author of masterpieces such as Caruso and Piazza Grande, is perhaps the greatest experimenter in Italian music.

Lucio Dalla and his beginnings

We remember him as an eclectic singer and songwriter, a complete musician and an artist curious about life and art. In the same way we can say that he is an artist always ahead of competition and  continuously looking for new stimuli. In fact, he managed to establish himself in every area of musical art and beyond. The life of the great Lucio Dalla is not simple. As a child he grew up in his Bologna. After his father’s death, Lucio studied at the Pius X College of Treviso carrying out the will of his mother. Dalla starts attending accountancy studies, then moves on to the classical high school and finally to the linguistics. He is not a school lover. In 1964, at the age of 21, he recorded his first 45 rpm.

scultura di lucio dalla
Ph: Rosy Caporale

His beginnings are not the most fortunate. But Lucio is not frightened. He recordes his first album, 1999, and participates at the Sanremo Festival with his first hit, Paff … Bum!

Lucio Dalla leads Attenti al lupo to success

The Emilian artist has an absolute ability to catalyze the general public on himself. In fact, the disc cointaining the single Attenti al lupo, a song written by Ron, sells 1 500 000 copies. It is even one of the best-selling Italian albums ever. Attenti al lupo was also presented to Fantastico 90 a TV show hosted by Pippo Baudo. Lucio Dalla’s song is immediately a success. On the other hand, it sketches in the first positions in the ranking and subsequently reaches the top.

Lucio Dalla-esibizione alla tastiera
Lucio Dalla leads “Attenti al lupo” to success
Ph: Gorup de Besanez , Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

It stays in the chart until March 30, 1991. At the end of the year Attenti al lupo is the sixth best-selling single in Italy. The public is also passionate about its video. Set in a circus, Lucio Dalla is sided by two women, the choristers Iskra Menarini and Carolina Balboni, and by Robert Sidoli, electric guitar.

The last Sanremo before the farewell

On november 8, 2011 Questo è amore is realeased, Lucio Dalla’s latest album in life. It mainly contains the songs considered “minor” by the Emilian artist. But there is also a makeover by Meri Luis, sung together with Marco Mengoni. You can also listen to Anema e Core and La leggenda del prode Radamès, a piece by the Quartetto Cetra rearranged by Dalla and Mauro Malavasi.

scultura di lucio dalla seduto su una panca
Ph: Rosy Caporale

On February 14, 2012 Lucio Dalla returns for the last time on the stage of the Sanremo Festival. On this occasion he accompanies the young singer-songwriter Pierdavide Carone with the song Nanì, of which he is also co-author. Particular is the fact that Dalla goes on stage in the dual role of singer and conductor. On February 18, at the end of the event, Nanì closed in fifth place. It is the last television appearance of the artist. It is February 27, 2012 when Dalla’s new European tour starts from Lucerne, Switzerland. On the 29th of the same month, in Montreux, there is the performance of the Italian artist in the Auditorium Stravinski Concert Hall, the theater of his last concert.

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