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Mindfulness (that is, awareness) is a cognitive approach aimed at acquiring a new perspective of reality to face life in a more active and peaceful way. An always useful antidote, today more than ever, intent on re-evaluating the present to make us protagonists aware of our days, however simple and routine they may seem.

Try to make the most of the uniqueness of the moment in all its nuances.

Inside mindfulness

Mindfulness aims to bring out the uniqueness of the moment in all its essence, regardless of the importance of the action. This cognitive process takes place by focusing attention on one’s psycho-physical condition. Above all, it does not give space to non-functional thoughts concerning yesterday or tomorrow. A recurring negative image or a mourning period will find less welcoming ground if we implement a series of behaviors aimed at tuning our thoughts on a more conscious emotional wave.

How to practice mindfulness on your own

Notwithstanding that the building blocks of mindfulness originate in the psychological field, this does not mean that we can also practice it as autonomous meditation. Choose a room in the house or a corner of your garden. Any place that makes you feel comfortable. Spaces usyally related to work are to be avoided. Put on comfortable clothes and sit on the floor, perhaps on a yoga mat or pillow. Put smartphones (or use it only to listen to light music to relax you) and intrusive thoughts aside. The more you relax, the more you can concentrate on yourself. Long breaths through the nose and observing the respiratory act are essential elements to start the practice and immerse yourself in a completely different state.

A practice to try also independently, with the only help of a mat and a video lesson.

We are our mind

Visualizing the path of our breath through our body and performing the right diaphragmatic breathing can restore the right heart rhythm. In addition, gradually focusing attention on a single part of the body, starting from the top down, or vice versa, helps muscle relaxation. It is incredible to think how much more this procedure can be deepen until we reach the full relaxation of the facial muscles or parts of the body we were not aware of before.

Mindfulness and science

Mindfulness goes far beyond the meditative approach. It embraces psycho-therapeutic theories and practices that have provided satisfactory results even in patients suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or in people suffering from serious anxiety or depression disorders, among the many diseases examined. An investigative tool with multiple uses that can be used in autonomous experimentation within one’s own home as well as in a therapeutic path aimed at understanding far more deeply rooted and profound difficulties. As often happens, we rediscover pearls of wisdom from our ancestors. In this case, some 2,500 years ago, between China and Greece. Apparently, its benefit knows no space-time limits.


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