Monza wins Ferrari: the boy has defeated the giant! A David (Leclerc) against Goliath (Hamilton). The wait lasted 9 years from Fernando Alonso’s last victory in the red in the Brianza circuit. The expectation of a victory at Monza was felt. It is weighed like a boulder for us Ferrari fans. But yesterday, the 21-year-old Monegasque Charles Leclerc rekindled our hearts dormant with the continuous blows of silver cars. And let’s not hide it from an amazing Hamilton so far. The red boy, made us sing our national anthem joyfully together; as it had not been heard in Monza for a long time.

Charles Leclerc with the cup at the top in Monza

After the victory at Spa, the most important hour at Monza in the career of Charles Leclerc

It worth 10 times more! The predestined Charles declared, interviewed by all the journalists present. Winning here at Monza was my dream since I was a child! The screams of joy, thanks to the team to tears are witnesses. Such exhaustion that the young driver could not get out of the car at the end of the Grand Prix testify to the greatness of this boy. Tenacious and courageous not at all intimidated by a Hamilton who remained glued to the Ferrari number 16 until his tires resisted.

A constant pressure from the first to the 43 lap, in which Hamilton fortunately we say now, goes long and passes the baton to friend Bottas in the attempt at this point desperate to overcome the youngest red rider in history to win with a Ferrari in the G.P. previous, at Spa. But nothing could have done against it, the desire was the desire to enter the history of motor racing by Charles Leclerc. Monza is in fact the 3rd circuit in the world, after Brookland and Indianapolis and a victory here takes you to the Olympus of the best drivers in history.

Ferrari wins at Monza: the boy has defeated the giant! The predestined wins in the temple of speed

The predestined, so is defined by the environmental experts this young champion of the GP3 2016 and the formula 2 in 2017. He fears nothing and nobody. Today Hamilton gave a harsh lesson, he is no longer just “The Hammer” Leclerc raced 53 laps from pole with a car that was overall less than the Mercedes that surely will win the constructors ‘title and with Hamilton the drivers’ title. But starting today will no longer be so easy to win for him.

the public of the pony in Monza

The red people have its new idol

Vettel in fact with this race leaves the leadership of the team to Charles Leclerc. His race was colorless. He turns at Ascari and comes into contact with Stroll: he closes 13th and also suffers a 10-second penalty. Of the 4 times world champion, unfortunately not even the most distant shadow can be seen at the moment.

monza -the two ferrari

The “red tide” with the record of 200 thousand presence over the weekend has rejoiced for its new idol. The young Charles, thanked immediately after having crossed the line in Italian, of the support of the Italian supporters and an immense roar of applause invested him. With his utmost pleasure, he knows he has entered the heart of us, of the red fans.

The podium, the order of arrival and the new driver classification sees Vettel overtaken by Leclerc

Therefore, in order of arrival: 1 C. Leclerc Ferrari 1: 15: 26.665 – 2 V. Bottas Mercedes + 0.835s – 3 L. Hamilton Mercedes + 35.199s – 4 D. Ricciardo Renault + 45.515s – 5 N. Hulkenberg Renault + 58.165s. In the drivers’ standings he always commands Hamilton in front of Bottas, Leclerc, winner at Monza, is ahead of Vettel in third place. In the builders I take the Renault forward which is now fifth after Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.

Monza -the podium with the winners

If it will be a turnaround in the F1 championship we all hope for, we will know on September 22nd at the Singapore Grand Prix circuit completely different from Monza. However, we experienced an unforgettable day yesterday, in which we now have the certainty of having our red hero for our national red team.

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