“Never give up – Tricolor stories”. This is the title of the charity show that will be broadcast on Rai Uno on the evening of June 2 to celebrate the Republic day. During the show the viewers of the ‘tricolor stories’ will be offered to the stars of the sport, the well-known faces of Rai and the big names of the Italian show. All together with a single and great goal: to support the Italian Red Cross with the support number 45505 which will be active until June 3, 2020. Any donations can also be made by credit card on the website www.cri.it/nonmollaremai.

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The tricolour stories

“Never Give Up – Tricolor Stories” will offer Italians an evening of sport and great emotions. Many group video calls among the champions and artists most loved by the public who, on the edge of the amarcord, will remember their career. Tricolor stories, in fact, that will bring attention to other stories: those of the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross who have been engaged for months in the health emergency for the Coronavirus pandemic. Men and women who represented and represent a ‘fixed point’ in this particular historical period, certainly the most difficult in republican history.

Sport and entertainment remembering big business

Leading the charity show will be the well-known car champion Alex Zanardi who will coordinate the interventions of the many guests of the event. The tricolor stories that will flow on the Rai Uno screens are also many awaited. Fabio Cannavaro and Marcello Lippi will talk about how important it is to ‘team up’ in football.

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As well as Marco Tardelli, Franco Causio and Bruno Conti together with Flavio Insinna they will delight in narrating their extraordinary football victories and in particular the world championships won by the Italian national team in 2006 and 1982. The racing driver Charles Leclerc will reveal the adrenaline and anxieties of a first row debutant. The charity show will also include Lapo Elkann and Valentino Rossi, the motorcycle champion; two completely different characters to retrace their difficult moments faced with irony.

The match of the century: Italy – Germany 1970

These are just some of the many guests including the unforgettable and still beloved champions Sandro Mazzola, Gianni Rivera and Gianfelice Facchetti. The old glories of football will tell Simona Ventura the emotions of the ‘match of the century’ Italy – Germany in 1970. A truly memorable feat that is still remembered today with a plaque outside the Aztec stadium in Mexico City

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Champions and Covid

The great evening of Rai Uno will also give space to current affairs with the contribution of the skier Federica Brignone who, with Caterina Balivo, will tell how Covid-19 entered her life. The NBA champion Marco Belinelli will talk with rapper Fedez on how to overturn the predictions on the eve of each competition. And, again, Bebe Vio, Valentina Vezzali, Jury Chechi will be the protagonists of stories to show that their limits can always be overcome. And then Federica Pellegrini and Milly Carlucci will tell how to overcome fear and anguish in order to return stronger than before. Among the celebrities of the show also the actors Cesare Bocci, Stefano Accorsi, Luca Argentero and Beppe Fiorello.

Tricolour stories in support of the Italian Red Cross

The charity show is organized by Rai and Master Group Sport, with the executive production entrusted to b. The purpose of the event is to enhance the activity carried out by the Italian Red Cross “which has always been and is a point of reference for our country”. So Francesco Rocca, national president of the Red Cross who highlights: “We are always at the forefront where there is a need, from major emergencies to concrete support for the most vulnerable categories.

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Just as we have been and are on the field in this terrible moment marked by the pandemic. On behalf of the over 160,000 volunteers I am honored to represent, I thank Italian sport, Rai and Master Group Sport for this charity initiative organized in favor of the Italian Red Cross.

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