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Ezio Bosso, conductor, composer, pianist and much much more, passed away last night, he was forty-eight years old.

ezio bosso a teatro

A news that you know you have to expect, one for which you have prepared.

But, then when it arrives it makes you understand that you were not prepared at all. And you feel that something breaks inside you.

This was Ezio’s strength. It is the strength of Ezio. But maybe strength is not the right word, it is something that cannot be well described. Something that cannot be put into words. But maybe in music yes.

foto in bianco e nero di ezio bosso

Conductor, composer, pianist, and much much more.

In Sanremo in 2016 you enchanted those who didn’t know you, played Following a bird and brought out something that we didn’t expect – not from you, from us.

They made fun of you tousled head, for that thing that inside you quivered to go out and made you tremble.

It was art, beauty, you had too much of it and wanted to come out.

“Being light, making fun of yourself,” you said “is a serious matter.”

And then, seriously, that smile was always on your face.


When you conducted The London Strings, when you paid tribute to Abbado with your Europa Philharmonic Orchestra, when you collected the Flaiano awards, the David di Donatello awards (awards that are nothing compared to what you awarded us) and when you went to the European Parliament to say ‘We who dedicate our life to music from an early age frequent German-Austrian like Beethoven, or French like Debussy, or German like Brahms and Mendelssohn. You see, there is no border. Music is not just a language but a transcendence, which is what takes us beyond’, always, at all times, under the scuffle of your hair there was that stubborn smile.

But that smile has always been disarming, even more than obstinate. Because it could be seen clearly, even a child understood it, that despite everything, despite that thing inside you that was slowly eating you, it was a damn sincere smile. Always.

This is what I mean when I refer to your strength which strength then is not, but something infinitely greater. The thing is, you were happy Ezio. You were really happy. And always, on every occasion, of boundless beauty. That we will never stop missing us.

Se you soon Master.

One of the most beautiful human beings ever. See you soon Ezio! ultima modifica: 2020-05-15T10:35:00+02:00 da Redazione