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When it appeared it was a revolutionary invention. It would have seemed a prodigy of the times, a magic box of voices, sounds, opportunities. Steps have been taken since then. Technology evolves driven by the human desire to outdo. And so from the first surprising devices we get to streaming today. A path that leads us to modern online Italian radio.

The advantages of online Italian radio

Just one click and in a moment we are connected with what we want. The internet is serving various sectors, offering us many possibilities. And this certainly applies also to radio. Today, thinking about a football fan in the 80s who, while listening to a match, suddenly swears because of the skipped signal makes us smile to! Today the sound quality has improved. This is one of the advantages of digital. The useful tools also change clearly. If in the past a radio powered by a couple of batteries was sufficient, today we need first of all an internet connection and adequate supports. But it’s not just a matter of sound quality.

Radio italiane online a portata di click
Ph: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Further benefits come when we travel. Just think, for example, of going abroad but wanting to keep us connected with our music, our news. Or even just moving on national soil. We are particularly fond of a local radio but would we also like to listen to it “outside the zone”? With online Italian radio this is possible. During our stay, all we need to do is connect to the desired radio stream and we will be satisfied. A great opportunity in this regard is offered by the Radioplayer Italia app. A “container” that allows us to listen to one of the 140 participating online Italian radio. No longer need to search for them individually. And we only need a smartphone!

It’s been ages!

A long time has passed. It was late 1800 and the minds of inventors and dreamers were teeming with ideas and projects. Yes, because in order to create something that does not exist, in addition to being “experts”, you must certainly also feel a little dreamy. This is what happened to two men. The Russian Popov and the Italian Marconi. Both in that period intent on the realization of the same project. Radio. Unaware of the fact that from another part of the world there was someone who pursued the same goal. The two studied the construction of a technology capable of sending and receiving radio signals even at considerable distances.

Dalla radio vintage di un tempo alle radio italiane online
Ph: fancycrave1 from Pixabay

On March 5, 1896 Guglielmo Marconi patented his invention a week before Popov. Naval SOS, political propaganda, music, education, entertainment. Different functions that the radio fulfilled over time. Today we talk about DAB, digital audio broadcasting. A digital system that improves sound quality, eliminates interference and adds multimedia content. And then here we are further honored by internet that complete the radio offering us streaming listening. “I can’t find the frequency!” it was said once. Today, however, we just need a link. Online Italian radio wherever we want it, just a click.

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