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Football restarts and many other activities are restarting in Italy. The so-called Phase 3 is officially underway, although many already think it has started some time ago. But we had the officiality of the news only few hours ago, when the new Decree of the Prime Minister has been signed. It will be in force until July 14th. There are many openings, such as open-air cinemas but also cinemas. Wellness centers, game rooms, betting rooms and spas will open. However, there are specific rules on social distancing to avoid new infections. Congresses and fairs are forbidden. So Italy reopens but let’s see specifically what is planned.

L'Italia riapre : pianista che si esibisce sul palco  - Italy reopens: pianist performing on stage
We can go to theaters but there will be few and spaced seats

Italy reopens but not everything: the rules for cinemas and theaters

Cinemas reopen: those in the open air can hold up to a thousand seats. Indoor rooms can hold 200 spectators only. Precise pre-assigned and spaced seats are established. Therefore, compliance with the interpersonal distance of at least one meter for both staff and spectators must be ensured. “Activities that take place in ballrooms and discos and similar nightclubs, outdoors or indoors, fairs and conferences remain suspended until July 14, 2020”. Each autonomous region or province can then act differently, based on the size and characteristics of the places.

Open spaces also for children’s games: thus Italy reopens

The decree on Phase 3 also talks about spaces and areas for children’s games. But also summer camps. Italy also reopens these places, as required by the decree. “Children and young people are allowed to access to areas intended for recreational and educational activities – we read -. Even non-formal, indoors or outdoors, with the help of operators to whom they can be entrusted in custody and with the obligation to adopt specific safety protocols in accordance with the guidelines of the department for family policies.”

L'Italia riapre : spazio con giochi per bambini - Italy reopens: space with games for children
The open areas also include children’s play areas and summer camps

Football and contact sports are on again

And if football matches have already started this weekend, other sports can also be practiced. “From June 25 amateur contact sports can resume said Conte if the regions but also the Minister of Sport and Health ensure that the compatibility of the course with the epidemiological situation is established.” Then green light to soccer and beach volleyball, boxing, basketball and all contact sports. Games room, betting rooms and bingo rooms will open too. But on condition that Regions and Autonomous Provinces have “ascertained that the compatibility of the aforementioned activities with the epidemiological situation is established” and identify the “applicable protocols or guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion.”

L'Italia riapre : due ragazze che giocano a pallavolo - Italy reopens: two girls playing volleyball
Beach volleyball is among the sports that can be done in Phase 3

No cruise ship travels

However, it will not be possible to travel with cruise ships. At least until July 14th. Entry is only allowed for ships with foreign flags, used in cruise services in Italian ports only for the idle stop. Furthermore, from June 16, 2020, it will be possible to travel to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia. Valid transfers for the member states of the European Union; States parties to the Schengen Agreement; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Andorra, Monaco; Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State. The maximum period of stay without the obligation of home quarantine has been extended to five days for those who enter Italy for “proven work reasons”, as well as “for those who go abroad for proven work reasons.”

Featured image by David Peña on Unsplash

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