As the Prime Minister pointed out forcefully during the press release yesterday evening, tourism remains an indispensable asset for the nation. It is worth from 15 to 18% of the GDP, including its turnover, and it is defined Italian oil, not surprisingly. To prevent this branch from withering, young operators in the sector launch an extraordinary initiative.

Can Phase 2 really be the time to start again? If for many May 4th is seen as a time of change, for others, however, it is the beginning of the concern. Because there is an entire sector that gravitates around tourism, which asks for guarantees to start again safely, but with the right economic support. That for many it’s late in coming. And if tourism is the real engine of the Italian economy, there are many categories that must be protected. For this reason, three operators in the sector have promoted an online marathon. A moment of confrontation to save but at the same time rethink tourism.

Maratona online, sarà possibile visitare le città italiane - Online marathon The main avenue of Taormina full of people
The main avenue of Taormina full of people

An online marathon, the three promoters of the initiative

Silvia Moggia (l’Oasi hotel), Massimiliano Ventimiglia (Onde Alte) and Mirko Lalli (Data Appeal) are the three event organizers. The name of the project is “hack for travel”. Nothing more than a brainstorming, a 48-hour comparison, to rethink the sector. Many operators fear that after this moment of lockdown and forced stop to all activities, tourism cannot recover.

Three days of online marathon for tourism

The discussion will take place from April 30 to May 2. And there have already been many adhesions: creatives, operators in the tourism sector, but also in culture for a marathon of ideas aimed at finding concrete solutions for the restart. What is needed, as promoters argue, is to start again with the right financial support, but also to plan the whole sector.

Maratona online per ripensare il turismo nelle città - Online marathon to rethink tourism in cities
A view of Florence: to also rethink the use in the cities of art

The winning idea will receive a prize

The online marathon, therefore, will not only be a moment of comparison, but also a sort of competition for the winning idea. In fact, at the end of the three days, those who have presented the best idea to restart the tourism industry and the world of culture will receive a cash prize. Architects, creatives, web designers, journalists and operators in the sector have already joined the initiative.

Maratona online, l'apertura dei musei sarà complicata - Online marathon, the opening of museums will be complicated
Italian museums will need rules for use

The three points for the marathon

On the platform created for the initiative, which can be consulted on, the three point for comparison are explained. Group tour, hospitality, the use of technology are elements to be taken into consideration at this stage. The first study is on the use of museums and cultural offerings. “The current lockdown situation – one reads on the website – has obviously stopped the entire sector which, however, at the time of reopening, will face the same situation of increasing health standards and maintaining social distance. It will therefore be even more necessary to provide booking systems, space management and people tracing in order to ensure, for example, the presence of the public in a theater hall or visiting a museum in complete safety “.

Maratona online, una veduta del Plemmirio - Online marathon, a view of Plemmirio
The Plemmirio in Syracuse, one of the most visited places by tourism

And again the destinations and promotion agencies. “Is it appropriate to communicate now or to stand still – is noted-? Is it better to continue to make potential tourists dream or to postpone every action until we can travel again? Will the reference markets remain the same? Or it’s better to prepare for a repositioning towards new markets or towards the domestic market?”. It must also be said that the hospitality industry in Italy is particularly fragile. Made up of over 90% of small and independent companies, often family-run company, and therefore structurally less prepared to face a period of crisis.

i lidi italiani ancora chiusi - the Italian shores are still closed
The beaches can reopen but with precise rules for safety

“Let’s try to imagine creative and innovative solutions – explain the organizers – to make these new scenarios compatible with the desire to resume traveling. And to think of memorable offers and experiences even in a still complex period like the one that awaits us after the lockdown ”.

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